Monday , May 20 2024

Sugar, You’re Sweet, but Erythritol Knows Human’s Health Needs

A couple of years ago, if you were looking for some type of sugar in the supermarket, all you could find were blue, yellow and pink packets of artificial sweeteners. Luckily (or unluckily), many studies have shown that these sugar substitutes can be extremely harmful to people’s health, thus people became much more careful how much of these sweet pleasures they consume. The good news is, manufacturers started producing a variety of healthy natural sweeteners they claim that don’t create any of the problems that sugar and artificial sweeteners do.

Erythritol is one of the healthiest sugar substitutes today. Discovered in 1848, it is a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in some fruits and fermented foods and has 95% less calories than regular sugar.

Erythritol granules

In order to obtain pure Erythritol granules, manufacturers need to mix plant sugar with water and ferment the blend with natural cultures, which results in Erythritol. Next, the product is filtered, crystallised and dried into granules. When shopping for Erythritol granules, make sure the product you are getting is derived only from natural sources, such as melons, grapes and other plants and starches. This will ensure you get pure Erythritol granules and not some processed sugar substitute.

In addition to being a sugar alternative with much less calories and with a clean, sweet taste with no aftertaste, Erythritol is also known to deliver a variety of health benefits. Studies have shown that Erythritol is tooth-friendly and can even help prevent dental problems that are associated with sugar consumption. Studies have also shown that Erithritol causes no adverse effects on blood glucose levels, making it an ideal sweetener for people with diabetes.

And the best of it all – it is safe! A comprehensive research has reported that Erythritol didn’t show any evidence of toxicity. Unlike other sugar substitutes, only about 10% of Erythritol goes to the colon. It is mostly absorbed by the small intestine and eliminated trough the urine. This means, it doesn’t cause gas and bloating like other sugar alcohols do.

Overall, Erythritol is the healthiest and lowest calorie alternative to sugar. It features the functionality of regular sugar but with the benefits of dental and health properties and a great digestive intolerance. Trust me, you won’t regret giving it a try. Your health is your biggest wealth, so do your research and choose a sweetener that will only do good to your overall well-being.