Monday , May 20 2024

Suction Plates: Make Feeding Your Little One Easier

Having a baby is not only about having new responsibilities and a little one to care about. It’s a period of your life where your whole system of organisation might change. Your daily schedule, your sleep time, your diet, even the time you spend in the bathroom. Getting up every two or three hours during the night to feed your little one is going to become part of your day to day life and you might end up living like a zombie with no sleep at all. And if you thought that once your baby is grown enough, your nightmares will end up, you are wrong.

Suction Plate for Babies


Usually, at around six months, you may notice your toddler staring at you when you chew or trying to grab the food you eat. These are the first signs that your little one is ready to enter the stage of weaning. This could be a very tough period for you because not only your baby wouldn’t know how to use dining ware and will make a complete mess of the meals, but he/she might still be stuck with the habit of waking you up through the night thinking that he/she is hungry.

When this happens, your mission number one would be to get your baby to sleep throughout the night and teach him/her how to eat solid foods without making a mess. Since your child won’t be able to use dining ware and utensils until the age of 3, it is advisable to start using suction plates.

The Advantages of Baby Suction Plates

They Stay Stuck

Most toddlers insist on throwing the food on the floor while eating and that can be very frustrating. Therefore, parents try different methods using a variety of plates, bowls and mats, but without a success. They all end up on the floor by the end of the meal. But this will all change once you try a suction plate for your baby.

Baby suction plates have an extra-strong flat base with four suction cups that help meals stay put on the table. Thanks to the suction cups that keep the plate stuck on the surface, your child won’t be able to play frisbee while eating because these kinds of plates and require a lot of strength to get unstuck which the little one simply doesn’t have.

Furthermore, these plates have a decoy edge that doesn’t budge when you try to pull it up. So, when you want to do that, you need to get your finger under the decoy edge and then under the second piece of rubber to break the seal. Anyway, even if you have a super baby on your hands that has the strength to pull up the plate, it would still be too complicated for him/her to actually do that.

Suction Plate for Kids


Great Design

Another thing that moms really like about baby suction plates is their design. Since you can detach the bottom suction piece, the suction plate is very easy to clean and you won’t end up with leftovers stuck in hidden cracks. Plus, these plates are designed to be dishwasher and microwave safe to make using them easier for mummies pressed for time. Most of the suction plates come in white, grey, pink or blue colour, but you can also find them in attractive new designs such as unicorn swirls that give them a great marble swirl effect. Moreover, they don’t stain and are made from materials that are durable and unbreakable.

Good for Your Child’s Health

Most suction plates on the market are made of entirely safe food-grade materials such as high-quality LFGB EU standard BPA-free silicone. But what exactly is BPA and why is it better to use products without it?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins and believed to be highly toxic. It is often used in producing containers for storing food, water bottles, plates, storage bags and so on. Experts believe that BPA products have an effect on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. Also, it can affect children behaviour and even can cause increased blood pressure. That is why, before purchasing baby suction plates make sure that they are BPA-free.

Suction Plate for Kids


Divided Suction Plates Are Great Learning Tools

When serving food to babies, it is recommended to place the different components of the meal on the plate separately. That way your little one can see and touch all the ingredients and start making a difference between different kinds of food. Another advantage of using divided suction plates is that they come in the perfect size and hold the right amount of food for your little one. And by the time they become too small for your baby, she/he will already be past the plate-throwing stage (at least hopefully).