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Sleep Apnea: How to Choose the Right CPAP Hose

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure and is the most commonly used therapy for treating patients with sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a potentially serious sleep disorder that causes interruptions or pauses in your breathing, which happens most often during sleep. This is often because your throat or airways briefly collapses or something temporarily blocks them, which further prevents enough oxygen supply to be delivered to your lungs.

CPAP therapy requires a CPAP machine which pumps pressurized air into your lungs. And this helps to keep your airway open and alleviates the symptoms of obstructive breathing. There are different types of machines used for CPAP which are all comprised of the same elements, a CPAP mask that covers your nose and mouth area, and a tube that delivers the pressurized air to your mask. Since the tube acts as a conduit between you and your CPAP machine, it’s considered one of the most important factors for this machine to work properly.

However, not all CPAP hoses are the same. Different models differ in terms of compatibility, price, and function. Therefore, it is worth considering the different types available and features before purchasing this important piece of equipment.

Features to Consider When Purchasing CPAP Hose

length of hose



Standard CPAP hoses are about 1.8 meters in length. Many patients prefer longer tubing options as this gives them freedom of movement during sleep positions.

Some manufacturers even produce 1.2 and 2.4-meter hoses, though they are not very recommended. The longer your tubing the longer distance the air has to travel to reach your mask. This can usually lead the air temperature to drop and lose moisture which can further cause a rainout. Therefore, sticking to a standard tube length it’s always the best option.

Climate Control

If you live in a dry climate or you are new to CPAP therapy, you may experience a dry nose and mouth due to the constant flow of pressurized air. It’s often worse when the environment is cool or cold compared to the temperature of the pressurized air in the tube.

For people who use CPAP to treat their sleep apnea, regulating the temperature and the humidity of the air can be very important. Climate line heated tubings can be very useful for preventing dryness by adding enough moisture to your CPAP tube. When used in combination with a heated humidifier this tubing can improve the temperature and the pressurized air delivered by the CPAP machine.


material of hose



Choosing the best type of material when purchasing a CPAP hose is very important as this will eventually affect its durability and performance and the whole CPAP experience. Whether you choose a more lightweight or sturdier design it’s up to you. For more freedom of movement is always best to opt-out for more flexible and lightweight materials for your tubing.


Another important factor is compatibility. Considering how compatible is your CPAP tube with the other important elements of the CPAP machine is crucial. Most CPAP hoses are designed to accommodate all types of CPAP machines, but there are some which design can fit only particular CPAP machines. For instance, heated CPAP hoses are specially designed to work with CPAP humidifiers to improve the comfort of your therapy. Therefore checking and measuring the specific features of your CPAP equipment is essential when purchasing a hose.

Maintenance and Price

The CPAP tubing gets dirty over time, therefore it will require constant replacement every three months. Even though your CPAP hose may seem to look perfectly fine, new equipment will keep the device clean and functioning at its best.

Since hoses require constant replacement every three months, price is another factor that is worth mentioning. Even though the price doesn’t always equal good quality, it’s more likely for the pricier hoses to perform better and last longer. Several factors can dictate whether a given model provides good value for the money, including durability, material, construction and positive feedback from online customer reviews.


When purchasing a new tube always make sure the warranty is included. This feature is very important as you can replace or return the product in 6 months time frame if there are any issues or defects in the craftsmanship that weren’t caused by your side. The CPAP tubing usually has a 90- day warranty coverage.

The Best CPAP Hoses Currently on the Market

Finding the right tubing for your CPAP mask can be challenging as there are so many models and designs that differ in the price range and performance. Therefore we’ve compiled a list of the best CPAP hoses that can be found on the Australian market.

ResMed Slimline Tubing



If you are on the market for a new tube for your CPAP machine then you may want to consider The ResMed SllimLine Tubing for optimal performance. This hose features a sleek design, although it’s a lot smaller than standard hoses. Besides this, the ResMed SlimLine Tubing is 20% thinner, 40% lighter, and takes up approximately 35% less space. It has a smart fit cuff that allows the device to be attached and removed from your mask or machine with ease. This feature provides more flexibility and less drag with lightweight materials, which is one of the reasons this tubing is a favourite among its users.

Ultralightweight CPAP Tubing

The Ultralightweight CPAP tubing features a simple design, that manages to fit all kinds of CPAP machines. It’s lightweight and flexible which allows for changing sleeping positions without feeling restricted. Despite its lightweight design, it has a resilient and durable construction.

The Helical wall support prevents collapsing, while the smooth, clean inner surface makes the cleaning process straightforward and easy.

Philips Respironics DreamStation 15MM Heated Tube



Sometimes congestion, dry throat, and nose bleeds are possible side effects of CPAP therapy and CPAP humidification has a good reputation for alleviating these symptoms. The Philips Respironics DreamStation Heated CPAP Tubing is specially designed to address this issue. It can be used with Phillip Respironics Dream Station CPAP and BiPAP machines.

This heated hose can relieve these symptoms by maintaining the appropriate temperature of the circulating air in the CPAP tube and adding enough moisture to the airflow.

Fisher & Paykel Icon ThermoSmart Heated Tube

The Fisher &Paykel Icon ThermoSmart heated CPAP tube provides optimal humidity and reduces condensation. Its rainout reduction feature and Thermo Smart technology are what make this hose unique. This tubing works only with the ICON Series CPAP Machines. The Thermo Start Heated Hose for the Icon Series CPAP machines is 1.9 meters from end to end, including cuffs.