Thursday , April 18 2024

Reasons to Buy an AGM Deep Cycle Battery – the Benefits Explained

The future of lead-acid batteries is most certainly the deep cycle AGM battery which has a fine fibreglass mat to absorb the sulphuric acid, hence why the acronym stands for “Absorbed Glass Matt”. This type of battery was first introduced in the ’80s when it was mostly used for military aircraft and vehicles. Nowadays, it is used to power anything from camping refrigerators, high-powered inverters and heated seats to marine and robotic applications. The use of this type of battery is wide and all that is thanks to the benefits it has to offer.

Long Shelf Life

AGM batteries have a very slow discharge rate and if you leave them for 6 to 8 months – they can still have a full charge in them. They are even capable of retaining a high capacity even when they have been in a long standstill. That leads to my point – an even more important reason to buy AGM deep cycle battery is its great durability.


With the matting technology of this battery, you’ll be sure to have a leak-proof encapsulated casing which will keep the acid from spilling even if it is dumped into the landfill. Even if it does spill there, there are no hazardous chemicals that can pollute the air or water. The AGM deep cycle battery can also be recycled into new products.

AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Better Performance & Durability

The first difference you’ll experience if you buy AGM deep cycle battery is the number of cycles, which can go up to 16% more than the one of a lead-acid battery. If the battery has a good charge and discharge schedule then the cycles will increase which will lead not just to a better self-discharge rate but also to a longer lifespan. The charging speed of an AGM battery is 5 times faster than a standard lead-acid (flooded) battery and it can also perform deep cycles.

Easy to Use & Cold-Resistant

The installation process doesn’t require any tools or special maneuvering – you can use them straight away. There’s no special maintenance either, except for when you are recharging it as overcharging can lead to permanent damage. These batteries are also less prone to sulfation  unless you keep overcharging them. Plus, low temperatures won’t affect the performance of an AGM battery, which means you can use it in all kinds of climates.