Saturday , May 18 2024

Permanent Makeup Tattoo: Tailor Your Brows Hollywood style

Hollywood is the Mecca of beauty; it’s no coincidence that every single star living and working there looks like a gorgeous creature sent from Heaven. Or maybe it’s just fame blinding our eyes? Whichever may be, we can’t deny that some people from the high hills and wide screens have set major fashion and beauty trends just because they became famous. Case in point: Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong, Cara is amazing and we all love her overall appearance and attitude, but her eyebrows; they are famous on their own! Those eyebrows instantly became the object of desire for so many women around the world that some beauty salons started offering “Delevingne eyebrows” techniques of tweezing and shaping. Talk about fame.

However, that ‘Arc de Triumph’ Cara wears so proudly, is not exactly news; it has always been the number one important feature on a woman’s face. If you look closely at silver screen’s iconic beauties you will see that each one of

them has eyebrows perfectly shaped to complement the features of their face. And as history is here to serve, makeup artists now know exactly how your eyebrows should be shaped to accentuate your face features.

And thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to be sorry that you simply are not that hairy as Cara to be able to rock the thick eyebrow look. Techniques like eyebrow extensions and permanent makeup tattoo are offered in almost every beauty salon. And the best part – painless and lasting. So, find your type of face before you schedule an appointment:

  1. Angular arches – if you were not blessed with a pronounced jawline and cheekbones, then angular arches are what your face needs to gain structure. Famous example is Marilyn Monroe, who didn’t really have very accentuated face features but had amazing eyebrows that gave her that sexy seductive look. You can get your strong arches with permanent makeup tattoo techniques. If you have the afore mentioned face features, you’re unlikely to change them so you should definitely consider another brow style.
  2. Circular arches – women with black hair, emphasized forehead and jaw line will benefit largely from the softness that circular arches can provide to their face. Just look at Hedy Lamarr. Plus, this form of eyebrows can be perfectly achieved with permanent makeup tattoo techniques.
  3. The super arch – think Veronica Lake. When you see a photo of this woman, you should get an idea of what “your eyebrows say a lot about a person” means. She has that high, centred arch that screams sexappeal and intrigue along with an intimidating intelligence. From the artistic point of view, a high centred arch is a sign of a refined, aristocratic look.
  4. No arch – women with small faces, thin and refined features will find straight, slightly arched eyebrows the perfect frame. An amazing example is the all-time fashion icon Audrey Hepburn: perfectly soft cheekbones and jawline along with barely arched, full eyebrows.
  5. The long tail – if you want to lift your eyes a little and add drama to your face, the long tail brow type should be your choice. And while a lot of makeup artists will suggest you use the pencil for this one, are you really prepared to do that magical trick? Be safe and go for the more sustainable option.
  6. The short tail – this is perfect for those of you who simply cannot manage their brows. You want the simple, natural, laissez-faire look but somehow you can not seem to get it. It is pretty simple, just leave your brows take their course of growing and stretch the grooming session from 6 to 8 weeks. You should get fullness and length before you make any styling move.
  7. The eyes say it all – if you want to make your eyes the focal point of your face, you should opt for statement brows. That means, an arch tweezed toward the centre, powdered to gain on thickness and then shaped with pencil. Highly manicured but very effective.
  8. All natural – for women who are blessed with big eyes shaped like almonds, eyebrows aren’t the biggest problem. As a matter of fact, they don’t even need that much of eyebrows to accentuate their features. So, the all-natural look here is more then welcomed; grooming your eyebrows from time to time is more than enough.