Thursday , April 18 2024

Pawsome Rides: Products to Keep You and Fido Safe on the Road

Seeing a pup peeping through a car window while waiting for the traffic lights can instantly make your day. Yeah, dogs are awesome that way, the ultimate positive energy generators. It’s a lovely experience for the driver too, having their best pal tagging along instead of staying at home getting into all kinds of trouble, as seen in Secret Life of Pets.
Be that as it may, travelling with your dog in your lap is an offence in all parts of Australia. And even if it wasn’t, it could still put you and your pet at high risk of accidents and injury. So how should dogs travel in cars? There are several clever solutions on the market that can make your next adventure safer and more enjoyable.

Buckle Up with Car Harnesses for Dogs

Just like humans, dogs should buckle up in the car. But since car seat belts don’t work for pets, you’ll need to shop for specially designed car dog harnesses that make travelling with your pooch less risky and more convenient. How? In more than one way. Starting with the most obvious, a harness will keep your pet nice and secure, preventing slipping and sliding while on the move, which could potentially result in injuries.
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It’ll also prevent those paws and snoot reaching and sniffing around in the search for treats or your attention. Even a well-trained dog can be a distraction for the driver when unrestrained in a moving vehicle. Just like you shouldn’t text and drive, you shouldn’t turn to check what your pal’s doing—eyes on the road, please.
It should be noted that dogs’ behaviours aren’t always predictable. Having the dynamic conditions while driving in mind, you never know what can irritate your dog, potentially causing them to jump out of the vehicle. It can be a pesky squirrel, stranger danger, or those overly enthusiastic traffic participants who can’t keep their cool when they see such a good boy enjoying a ride.

How to Choose Your Dog Car Safety Harness

The pet market isn’t short on car dog harnesses, quite the contrary. There are many designs, features, materials, sizes and colours to choose from. Mind you, not all of them are created equal. That’s why there are a few things you should account for when buying a harness for Fido.
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Quality and Safety

It’s vital to ensure that the harness is designed with the highest quality and safety standards. Look for crash and escape-tested harnesses that can guarantee nothing but the highest protection for you and your pal. Both the fabric and the buckles should be durable, thus made from strong, heavy-duty materials. Choosing a harness with reflective details is also advised, as this can improve visibility in low-light conditions.


If you want your pup to enjoy the ride as much as you do, you shouldn’t overlook comfort. You need to buy a soft and breathable harness, designed to evenly distribute the weight and pressure on your canine’s body. Look for adjustable models with strategically placed pressure distribution pads for improved ergonomics.


Ideally, the harness should be easy to put on and attach to your vehicle, and this is often a matter of personal preference. You know your car and your pooch best, so choose a harness that meets your specific requirements.


A harness too loose can move and shuffle, allowing your pet to easily escape. However, anything too tight can cause discomfort. Explore different sizes to ensure a secure and comfy fit. There are various sizes to suit anything from tiny pups and gentle giants, so this won’t be too much of a hassle.

Create a Secure Enclosure in Your Vehicle with Dog Boxes

If your best pal is also your best trade assistant who accompanies you on the reg in your ute, you may also want to consider installing a dog box carrier. These heavy-duty and robust structures mount on the back of your ute, providing a secure enclosure for your pet. Available in a range of sizes, designs and materials, there’s something for every breed and vehicle make and model. If you’re considering a dog box upgrade, several factors can help you make a smart purchase, including:
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Plastic, steel, and aluminium are the most commonly used materials in the production of ute dog boxes. Although each option has its perks and downsides, you can say that aluminium models strike a nice balance between durability and weight.


Size-wise, you can choose from a range of standard models, including full and half-dog models. In addition, some manufacturers offer custom-built units, so even if you can’t find a readily available solution that suits your needs, they can provide one for you.
When selecting the size, you need to consider two things. The first thing is how much space you are willing to dedicate to the dog toolbox, and the second is how much space is enough for your pooch to comfortably stretch, sit or lie down.


High-quality boxes are one of the safest ways to transport your dog. However, the stress is on high-quality. It’s important to buy from a brand that can guarantee a high level of security for you and your dog, not just in terms of durability.
As you already know, things can get pretty hot under the Aussie sun, so proper ventilation is a must. Your enclosure should be designed in a way that provides plenty of fresh air inside to ensure your pet stays cool and comfortable.
Also, it can’t go without saying that proper installation is a must. Ensure your ute box is professionally fitted and installed for a trouble-free experience and peace of mind.
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Add a Barrier and Keep Your Seats Clean with a Hammock

If you’re planning to do a lot of car travelling with your pet, consider adding this product to your list of puppy supplies.  Canine hammocks create a secure barrier between the back and the front seats of your vehicle while keeping the interior spotless. They also create a more comfortable environment for your pet, preventing slipping and sliding.

Don’t Forget to Create a Pleasant Environment with Toys

No matter which solution you choose for Fido, throwing his favourite toy and blankie in the car can further enhance the experience, creating a more familiar environment that can help with anxiety or restlessness on the road. With that being said, you can now proceed to equip your car for the joyous rides that follow. Safe travels!