Wednesday , April 21 2021

Take Hair from Dull to Shiny: the Power of Organic Hair Dye

While finding the right comb, using chemical-free shampoos, drying hair naturally and wearing hats in the summer  are all ways to keep our locks shiny and healthy, some of us

Our Opinion on Smart Lighting Systems

Everything seems to be “smart” nowadays – phones, cars and even lighting systems. Smart lighting usually refers to systems that can be controlled using your smartphone while you’re away from

Kitten Collar: Keep Your Feline Safe and Sound

As a responsible cat owner, you’ve got your new kitten food and water bowls, adequate food, a comfortable cat bed, a litter box, scratching posts and of course toys to

Green Energy: The Power of Off-Grid Solar Systems

The sun’s light and warmth is a sustainable, plentiful and renewable power source that we’ve been making use of since the 7th century B.C. Maybe it will run out in

Ways to Keep Seagulls Off Your Boat

Without a doubt, seagulls are the scourge of boat owners all across the world. Stopping them from pooping all over the seats, canvas materials, canopy, mast, railings, and radars of

Importance of Amino Acids & Our Opinion on Amino Supplements

You’ve probably heard about amino acids and how they can enhance athletic performance. After all, they’re the most popular supplement next to protein powder. But the thing is, amino acids

Footwear Trends: Must-Have Sneakers for Women

All women love high heels and the boost in self-confidence that comes with them. However, if there is one footwear type that has made a major comeback, it’s sneakers. Today,

Beach Tent: Stay Cool, Comfortable and Protected

If you have been to the beach lately, you have probably noticed these small tents dotting the sand. When going to the beach, aside from the sunblock, trendy swimsuit, beach

Dog Doors: Give Your Pet the Freedom He Deserves

Dogs were sent to Earth to make human life more fulfilled. Your furry friend is your best friend that will never turn his back on you. He loves you endlessly,

Car Insulation Accessories for a Comfortable Drive

The chassis of a given vehicle provides a hard protective layer between the exterior and the interior. In case of an emergency, a good shell will keep you safe from

Brake Rotors Explained: What to Look for & Maintenance Tips

The brakes on our vehicles are one of the most important and fundamental components that, believe it or not, didn’t always come installed onto vehicles. While it took some time

Happy Birthday Cake: The Secret Ingredient to Top It All off

Birthday celebrations are a beautiful tradition. The whole idea of getting friends and family together to celebrate one’s birthday is pretty amazing. The table is all set, the best wines