Thursday , April 18 2024

Modern Coffee Table Choices for a Stylish Home

We began this story somewhere in the 18th century. The most fashionable drink of choice is tea. Suddenly, a surge for tables where the fashionistas and tea enthusiasts can place their cups of tea while discussing the latest events and gossips appears. The need is so great that history records this abrupt demand for pretty little tables as a remarkable event.

As time passes and favourite drinks change, the need for this special side table remains. Over the centuries it held many different names, but nowadays we know it as the coffee table. A centrepiece of socialization, the coffee table is one of the most important parts of any living room.

Whenever I see a picture of a living room without one, it feels like a crucial part is missing, the room just seems a bit empty. I mean, where are you supposed to put your remotes, magazines, and cups of coffee or smoothies if not on your coffee table? As much as it is a necessity, the modern coffee table is also a style item. Able to literally transform a room, the way it looks is almost as important as its purpose.

Today I’d like to talk a bit more about coffee tables and the different varieties available, from the buyer’s favourite modern wooden coffee tables to interesting mashups of different materials, and also explore how you can incorporate them in your living room.


modern wooden table


Wooden coffee tables are probably the oldest and most sought coffee tables around. Wood is easy to use, lasts for a long time, is not very heavy, and adds a homely feeling to any room decor. Wood also allows for simple, yet effective designs, so when you’re browsing for modern wooden coffee tables, pay attention to the style.

If your home is all about minimalism, Scandi, shabby chic, or similar styles, a luxury wood coffee table might be the best choice. Luxe wooden tables come in a variety of clean shapes and are known to combine two colours of wood, although monochrome ones are always available. For homes that are vintage, rustic, or follow other design types that are keen on details, two-storey coffee tables or ones with interesting sides are a perfect choice.

The only rule to follow when choosing your perfect wooden side table is to ensure the colour of the wood either matches or is complementary with any other wooden elements you have within your living room and home.


Another fan favourite, iron coffee tables are all about details. Much heavier than their wooden counterparts, they are tables that require a rug to be placed underneath to avoid any damage to your flooring. Because of this, iron coffee tables are a style item from the get-go. The need to be combined with another piece within the room is exactly what makes these tables absolutely ideal for any home that values a fashionable, organized clutter and lots of different shapes and colours.

The iron coffee table will do okay within a minimal or a luxe-styled home, although wooden options or hybrids made of different, sleek materials might be a better idea. However, iron tables usually come in that signature dark shade we all know and love, so as long as the model is angular and the design neat, the iron coffee table will do wonders for your neatly organized living room.


combo coffee table


Finally, the hybrids I’ve been bringing up throughout this entire article. I use the word ‘hybrid’ because these combo modern coffee tables are all about innovation, creativity, and breaking the rules. Available in a lot of different styles and a huge variety of paired materials, they are awesome for basically any home design style out there.

For minimal homes, you can go with wood paired with glass or iron paired with glass. This will give your living room a much-appreciated twist and will step out of the ordinary while still keeping those key elements like sleekness, smoothness, and geometry in check. For those homes featuring various decors, a combo of wood and a heavy cloth or an intricate and detailed glass surface paired with a natural base will tie everything together and give the room a unique vibe.

To Conclude

No matter whether you’ll go with a modern wood side table or a vintage iron one, the rule is always to follow the rest of your decor and use the table to both enrich your living room and make it more functional. You can place your coffee table in the middle of the room or use a pair of smaller ones to create a playful interior design moment. Don’t forget that tablecloths are no stranger to your coffee table as well, so if you like the look, you can always get one to shake things up.

The only thing I’d recommend avoiding is plastic covers or placemats, as those things are more fit for the outdoors and the kitchen table, respectively. If you’d like to accent a coffee table more, place it near a light source or illuminate it from above. This will really set the stage and make your coffee table the star of the show.