Saturday , May 28 2022

Modern Bathrooms: Where Simplicity and Functionality Reign

For many of us, our bathrooms are our very own private sanctuaries. Taking a long bubble bath at the end of a stressful day is an act of self-care that lots of people swear by. It’s no wonder the bathroom design topic has become one of the most popular conversations in the world of home design & décor.

When it comes to decorating this part of your home, most professionals would agree that modern bathrooms, including Scandinavian-inspired ones, are the ideal choice for those of us who want to own an aesthetically appealing, minimalist, and functional bathroom space. This style is appropriate for practically all bathroom sizes, but it’s important to know that it can do wonders for small bathroom spaces.

If your goal is to build a modern bathroom or refresh your old one by adding a touch of minimal beauty to it, read on. I’ve put together a series of simple modern bathroom design ideas that’ll help you get started.

Sanitary Ware: Clean Geometric Shapes and Utility

scandinavian bathroom

Squares, rectangles, and circles – these are the three geometric shapes modern design is all about. When shopping for new sanitary appliances for your modern or Scandinavian-style bathroom, I advise you to look for freestanding bathtubs with clean, straight lines (square and rectangular ones are strikingly stylish and extremely popular nowadays), minimal raised or pedestal sinks, and compact toilets. Such sanitary ware products can help you create an airy bathroom space while making a style statement.

When it comes to choosing materials, keep in mind that this style is all about quality natural and synthetic ones. High-quality stainless steel and porcelain sanitary appliances reign in modern bathrooms because they promote a sense of cleanliness and effortless elegance. If your bathroom space is large enough, you can decide on a rainfall shower with a glass enclosure, thus adding a touch of modern luxury to it.

Sleek and Stylish Bathroom Furniture

scandinavian bathroom

Built-in shelving and cabinetry are must-have furniture items for modern bathrooms. Use them to tuck away your personal items and maximize your bathroom space. Opt for sleek and sophisticated natural wood bathroom furniture pieces to avoid compromising your modern bathroom décor. If the space you’re working with is small, a floating concrete, marble or wooden vanity set might be the perfect choice for you.

A large space, on the other hand, gives you the chance to incorporate a few not-so-necessary furniture pieces into your modern-style bathroom. Wooden benches and chairs can be a smart addition to your minimalist bathroom as their warm earthy tones can soften stark black and white walls. Plus, spending some extra alone time in your modernly minimalist oasis reading your favourite magazine while wearing nothing but your favourite bathrobe is not so bad, is it?

Bathroom Accessories: Form and Function

scandinavian bathroom

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, modern bathroom spaces are meant to be functional as well. In other words, when designed successfully, these bathroom spaces strike a perfect balance between unadorned beauty and utility. Believe it or not, bathrooms accessories play a significant role in completing this challenging task.

When shopping for bathrooms accessories for your modern bathroom, look for items that check the form and function boxes. In this case, going with simple yet sophisticated pieces made from high-quality and long-lasting materials is the smartest choice you can make.

You’re probably wondering – okay, but what bathroom accessories do I need? Well, towel racks (or towel wall hooks), toilet roll holders, bins, toilet brush sets, soap dishes, and toothbrush holders are an absolute must. With the help of each and every one of these items, you’ll make your bathroom easier to use as well as avoid turning it into a visually overwhelming space. Keep in mind that the accessories should complement the bathroom style’s overall aesthetic.

Although not essential, minimal decorative mirrors, elegant shower curtains, marble trays, and even woven towel baskets can help you finish the look of your modern bathroom space. An oval mirror, for example, can be a stunning focal point, whereas a wicker basket or two can add a tasteful dose of warmth to this room. If these accessories are a bit too ordinary for your liking, floor-to-ceiling mirrors might provide your modern bathroom with just the right amount of luxe and bold.

Neutral Color Palette

scandinavian bathroom

Modern design, including the Scandinavian aesthetic, favours neutral tones. Whites, blacks, and greys promote a sense of soothing simplicity, which is exactly why they’re many professional designers’ first and favourite choice for modernly minimalist bathrooms.

Although aesthetically attractive, this colour palette can sometimes be a bit boring. Lucky for you, there are lots of ways to add a touch of vibrancy to a modern bathroom space.

  • Welcome natural greenery. Placing houseplants next to the sink or at a window is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your space. A pop of green will make your bathroom much more inviting.
  • Incorporate a wood accent wall. Add a bit of modern farmhouse texture to your bathroom by incorporating a faux wood accent wall into it. This element will subtly increase the visual interest of the entire space.
  • Pair crisp white walls with striking floor tiles. If done right, this stylish combo can liven up your bathroom without taking away from its simplicity.
  • Combine different size tiles on the floor and walls. Even though this design trick doesn’t necessarily involve colours, it can do wonders. If your bathroom space is tiny, mixing and matching tile sizes should definitely be something you consider doing because it will make the space feel bigger.
  • Personalize the space. Go ahead and place your favourite perfume bottles and cosmetic products on an elegant wooden or marble tray. Add rose petals or even a glass vase filled with freshly picked flowers to the tray if you’re a romantic at heart. Implementing a fluffy rug (don’t forget to stick with whites and greys) or patterned wallpaper is another smart design trick to add personal touches to your bathroom.

Natural Lighting, Big Windows and Skylights

scandinavian bathroom

Lighting is a piece of the modern bathroom design puzzle that shouldn’t be overlooked. Since simplicity and natural beauty define this design style, utilizing natural lighting is a must. Big windows and skylights can help you achieve this goal. Both of these options are fresh and functional.

In addition to natural light, lighting accessories are welcomed too. Square, rectangular, and rounded lampshades are all great choices, but if you want something truly chic and unique, you might want to opt for triangular light fixtures.

Keep in mind that the quality of the lighting products as well as their placement is as important as their design.

Friendly Advice

scandinavian bathroom

Let’s face it – building a brand new modern bathroom or remodelling an old one following the rules of this design style can be a bit expensive, not to mention overwhelming. If that’s your case, worry not. You can add a teaspoon of modern minimalism to your bathroom by implementing a few stylish elements and/or eliminating the ones that simply can’t compliment this style’s aesthetic. A fresh coat of light grey, several sleek designer bathroom accessories, and a rectangular mirror can be a great start.