Saturday , May 28 2022

Make The Most of Your Sofa Table Console

A sofa table console is a great addition for any home that has the space. Dressing them up or down can be a bit of a challenge for those who may not know how to create the perfect balance while doing so. Luckily for you, we will be going over a few guidelines you can harness to create the perfect display while using your console table. A sofa table console is not a very common piece so it is important that you really make the most of one when you decide to buy it. If you want to know how to do this, keep reading below and get started on transforming the look of your home today.

Choose Your Console Table

This is your centre piece which everything else will revolve around to bring out its best qualities. So you need to make sure you pick a piece you really, really love. There are so many great styles you can choose from including modern, traditional, vintage, and so much more. You should pick a piece that will go with the rest of your room so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb, but more of a chic piece that adds style and elegance.

Balance Out The Top

Console tables while nice, can be quite low, so you want to put something above it to balance it all out. Maybe you want to add a set of mirrors, a piece of artwork that you love, or photos of memories that mean a lot to you, use your imagination and pick something that you will cherish. If you hang something above it make sure that there is at least 1 foot of space between the console and the item you have chosen, this is a good rule of thumb to make the space feel put together and not crowded.

Add Lighting

There is no point in adding a nice sofa table console to the room only to not be able to see it! Make sure you add some lighting as it will probably be a focus piece in whatever room you decide to put it in. A nice lamp that goes with your décor will be a great addition to your console table. It is also great for mood lighting when you don’t want to use the main lights in the room.

Throw in Something Quirky

This is where your personality can really shine so make it count! Adding something like books, vases, pottery, or sculptures is where you can add a bit of a personal touch to your room. It is these little things that show people what you prefer and it is the main difference that turns a house into a home. A good rule of thumb to follow is that odd numbers work best when it comes to décor and adding certain pieces.

Balance Out The Bottom

Last but not least, don’t forget to balance out the bottom of the console table if it has space underneath. You should utilize this space which you can do by adding a small stool or foot rest or even a basket. The stool or footrest will come in handy when you are putting your shoes on ready to go out the door. The basket can also be used to put things like extra blankets or slippers in there for when you need them.