Thursday , April 18 2024

Last-Minute but Super Thoughtful: 5 Gift Ideas for the Birthday Your Forgot

It’s noon and you’re in the middle of something. You’ve had this feeling like you’re forgetting something since yesterday. Then, it hits you: it’s their birthday. You feel bad and full of regret. Is there any time to find a proper gift?

Don’t feel guilty — we’ve all been there. The good news is, it’s not too late to make it up to them with these easy and thoughtful gift ideas.

1. Chocolate Bouquets

Chocolate bouquets


Chocolate is the first go-to gift option for many of us. The wide flavour range available today makes it suitable for anyone, not just for those with a sweet tooth. Not needing much effort and time to buy a chocolate gift, we often underestimate its true worth and power. Representing luxury, sensuality, gratitude and love, chocolate is the perfect gift to express your feelings for someone you love and cherish.

But how can your chocolate gift show you cared more than just stopping by the nearest supermarket and buying the first bar you saw? By taking a moment to think about your giftee’s preferences and ordering them a beautiful bouquet made up of their favourite chocolates. Some online stores offer a gorgeous selection of chocolate bouquets available for same-day delivery. All you need to do is search through the wide range of chocolate bouquets with same day delivery available and select the one you like the most. Make sure to order it by 5 pm, select the option ‘need it today’, and you’re all set!

Chocolate is also a very versatile gift. It goes well with other goodies like wine and beer, and it makes the perfect base for any hamper or gift basket. Going through the wide range of chocolate bouquets same day delivery available online you might get an idea of matching it with another item that your birthday girl or boy likes.

Being handcrafted and unique in a sea of mass-produced gift items, chocolate bouquets can add a personalised touch to your gift-giving. And, you can make them even more personalised by including a card or a ribbon that holds your wishes.

2. Plants

A flower bouquet is another popular last-minute gift option. Every flower has its meaning and thus can be used to convey a beautiful message to the recipient. Yet, flowers are delicate and have to be handled carefully, making them hard to deliver. And, with so many people with allergies nowadays, you can’t be certain if flowers will hit the right spot. If you like gifting flowers, you might be bummed reading all this. Before you quit this last-minute gift, we have some good news for you. There’s an alternative to flower bouquets and it’s a good one: potted plants.

There’s a craze around plants lately and it’s not only among plant lovers. People of all ages are getting more and more interested in letting nature into their homes. And plants are a lovely way to do it. While a flower bouquet will last only a couple of days, plants can last for a long time when taken proper care of.

Similar to flowers, many plants have their own meaning. Surrounding yourself with plants that symbolise things you value can create a positive environment. For instance, one thoughtful gift idea is the bonsai tree that’s a symbol of harmony, wisdom and calm. The cactus, on the other hand, is a symbol of protection and endurance. And, gifting someone a ficus plant is a great way to wish them abundance and peace. A quick online search for plants and their meaning can lead you to the perfect plant gift that is anything but cliche.

3. Spa Gift Baskets

spa gift basket for her


What is a thoughtful gift? A gift that shows the recipient we care for them and their needs. There’s hardly anyone today who would turn down a chance to treat themselves. Many busy women, especially mums, can forget to take care of themselves while putting the needs of others first. Gifting a spa gift basket is like giving your birthday girl permission to treat herself to a spa-at-home experience. That’s why spa baskets are one of the most thoughtful gifts.

The accessibility of the supplies you need for a spa basket makes assembling one a breeze. And it’s even easier if you decide to buy an already arranged one. Here are some ideas of products to include:

  • Basket or a bag to put all the supplies in;
  • Aromatherapy candle;
  • Washcloths, puffs and other bath accessories;
  • Bath pillow;
  • Body wash, body lotion and other skincare items;
  • Nail tools and polish;
  • Book or magazine.

4. Liquor Subscription Boxes

We all have that beer, wine or gin lover in our lives. What’s a thoughtful gift idea for these people that goes beyond buying them a bottle(s) of their drink of choice from the liquor store? A monthly subscription to it can be a big and bold gift that keeps on giving.

Subscribing your giftee to a wine, beer or gin club will allow them to enjoy a special selection of their favourite drink regularly. Why is this the ultimate last-minute gift? Because all you have to do is sign them up for it online and get it delivered to their address. And even if they receive the package later, you can get them notified on their birthday so your gift would still feel on time.

5. Books

books gift


For book nerds and lovers, there is no such thing as too many books. Gifting these people the newest edition of their favourite author or any book can never be a miss. If you’re not sure which book to buy, there are plenty of other creative gifts for people who love to read, such as mugs with popular book quotes, bookmarks, book socks and many others. All it takes is a quick trip to your local book store.

Never Too Late to Show You Care

What if you open your eyes in the morning and realise you’ve missed your loved one’s big day? Well, even if you’re a little late, it can never be too late to show you care. All gifts mentioned above are perfect for saying “Sorry I forgot, I still care very much for you” and improving your relationship.