Friday , July 19 2024

Hypnosis Can Help you Quit Smoking (Without the Risk of Falling Back Into the Dangerous Habit)

Among the number of things that people do and are pretty sceptical to me is hypnosis to quit smoking. I know smoking is a very nasty habit; it slowly kills your lungs, it destroys your skin, may cause you cancer and on top of it all, give you a very bad breath – so not attractive for kissing. And if you put on scale all the bad things smoking brings and the short 5 minutes of nicotine satisfaction, I think the scale will be pretty obvious for every normal, health-conscious human. That means, you’ll be pretty aware that you shouldn’t be smoking and you should throw your cigarettes, stop thinking about it and just start living life with full lungs. It’s that simple. But for hard-core smokers, it apparently isn’t.

How nicotine creates addiction

Nicotine creates short-timed addictiveness, as it delivers small intervals of pleasure as it gets inhaled and introduced to the organism. People who smoke cigarettes, get high on the fumes of tobacco. The nicotine that is burned, is a high and very strong mood-altering, addictive drug. As such, it delivers good feelings and mood conditions that don’t seem to last long, which is why people go back to cigarettes over and over again.

What’s the purpose of hypnosis in the process of quitting cigarettes?

As a procedure, hypnosis is a technique that puts your mind in a state of trance – you’re fully aware of everything, although you may not look like you are. Because you’re so fully aware of your own mind, you’re able to divide those bad thoughts about smoking and actually replace them with positive ones about your health and how you’re going to stop smoking in order to be more healthy. It’s a kind of self-convincing process in some basic principles when trying to quit smoking like:

  • you need your body whole, healthy and functional in order to live;
  • smoking may deliver short intervals of good mood, but it’s long-terms poisonous;
  • you need your body so you can live a long life.

Now, you can say these things at any given moment and still not quit smoking. The thing that professionals who offer hypnosis to quit smoking treatments do, is that they plant these concepts and ideas deep into your mind so after a few fruitful sessions you literally accept them as your own.


Can the results last long?

The highest percentage of people that have quit smoking claim that hypnosis helped them a lot. Of course, nothing in this world won’t help you leave cigarettes on the table if you don’t have a very strong will to do so. After you see the first results from your sessions, you need to devote yourself to maintaining the mindset and work towards strengthening your will in order to keep it that way. That’s a pretty hard task for people who once felt the addictiveness of nicotine, which is why therapists and hypnosis practicians advice people to have a treatment or two once in a while just to make sure they don’t fall under the influence.

Bottom line is, everything that feels good and comes easy is generally very bad for your health and your overall well-being. And when you think about it, no one is forcing you to keep doing such evilness to your precious and unique body, but your own mind. So, use the right technique to tame it – give hypnosis a try.