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How to Pick the Best Meat Supplier for Your Restaurant

Although your restaurant’s aesthetics, ambience, and menu selection impact your customers’ experience, the quality of your food determines whether or not they will return. It all starts with choosing safe and hygienic raw food from reputable suppliers. To assist you in this important decision-making process, we have created a series of guidelines for picking the best meat supplier!

Where Do Australian Restaurants Buy Their Meat

When it comes to meat suppliers, the market is flooded. Although most meat suppliers are highly committed to offering their customers a plethora of meat products, only a few provide high-quality ones.

Thomas Foods

Thomas Foods is one of Australia’s largest family-owned meat processing companies formed in 1988. The brand’s strong reputation and capability to deliver premium quality products are just some of the reasons why Australian top restaurants favour Thomas Foods international fresh produce, high-quality meat, and seafood. The best health-and-safety practices are implemented for Thomas foods international fresh produce, meat, and seafood from production to delivery. Moreover, their organic lambs are sourced following the USDA’s National Organic Program.


Truck in front of Thomas Foods International warehouse


Australian Meat Co

With over 20 years of industry expertise, the AMC takes pride in being an expert in all meat categories, complementing the high standards of the hospitality sector it predominantly serves. Australian Meat Co in Victoria provides high-quality meat products – beef, chicken, lamb, hog, and veal – and small goods to Australia’s hospitality business.

Meat Products from Australian Meat Company


University Meat

University Meat is Carlton’s longest family-owned and operated wholesale meat supplier. Since the 1960s, they have supplied and distributed fresh and frozen meat products, meat cuts, and deli goods to the foodservice and hospitality industries. The company manufactures high-quality meat products every day, including value-added options with distinctive flavours and sauces.

Chinese style bbq char siu pork


Poultry N More

Poultry N More is one of Melbourne’s most prominent food processors, offering HACCP-certified fresh and frozen processed poultry and free-range choices. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has established itself as a market leader for its fresh and high-quality yet reasonably priced chicken goods, including its best-selling “Thigh Fillet Skin On”.

Chicken Products


How to Choose the Best Meat Supplier

Supplier’s Certification

Any wholesale meat supplier must have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certificate. It is a health and safety policy that all suppliers must follow, and it ensures that the governing body conducts frequent audits. Do not enter a supplier who does not have an up-to-date HACCP certificate.

Other accreditations include Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and venue-specific accreditations such as Halal or Kosher. Although MSA is an optional certification, it does testify to the supplier’s commitment to adopt the current trends and meet qualifying requirements.

Packaged Meat compliance standards HACCP


Supplier’s Meat Grades

Meat comes in a range of grades, which you should be familiar with to provide the best for your customers. For instance, Beef grading is decided by the animal’s age and the amount of intramuscular fat. The recommended quality for restaurants and hotels is prime meat. However, other categories such as select or choice meat are also available.

Therefore, always opt for a meat supplier that offers a range of grades. This will allow you to select the appropriate grade based on the nature of your restaurant or hotel.

USDA Meat Grading on 4 types of meat on a table


Supplier’s Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is the future of the food business as more and more consumers become environmentally sensitive. To keep the impeccable image of your restaurant, you should partner with a supplier that is committed to sustainability. The supplier should source the animals responsibly and sustainably. The supplier should also ethically obtain the meat, meaning they should not engage in animal abuse to supply the demand for meat.

Additional Specifics

While you are auditing the supplier’s farm and communicating with them about their product and methods, here is a list of crucial things to consider before making a selection.

  • Check if the company has enough storage space and maintains suitable temperatures for its products;
  • Examine whether personnel keep their hands and fingernails clean and wear proper protective equipment, such as gloves;
  • Check if there are any signs of an insect or rodent infestation;
  • Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be unpleasant odours around the facility.
Man choosing the right choice over wrong choice


Product Range vs. Price

These variables are frequently used while looking for a high-quality product at a low price. However, because meat prices and ranges are grouped, comparing the two might be difficult. Choosing a supplier with a diverse product line means you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different grades of meat to find the ideal quality and pricing point for your business.

Quality over Quantity

Good chefs and venue owners pay special attention to the quality and consistency of their products. Since seasonal changes, weather events, and primary suppliers’ stock availability may fluctuate due to exports, particularly among game meat variants, you should speak with your suppliers to mitigate these risks. They will be able to provide advice and recommendations on the cut or brand to purchase.

Packaged Meat

Packaging & Labelling

Packaging and labelling guarantee that the goods ordered are the goods supplied. Suppliers can store meat products in various methods, including cold storage and vacuum sealing. The latter is the most frequent procedure. It is done either at the abattoir or on the premises of the meat supplier. Suppliers would mark the product with packed and best before dates to guarantee that quality requirements are met.

Ease of Ordering

When looking for a wholesale meat provider, you should examine the ordering process. You want the ordering process to be quick and straightforward if you order frequently! Traditional methods have been modernized in recent years by online wholesalers and provide a considerably better experience for both the restaurant and the supplier.

Meat and vegetables on table


“Always On Time” Delivery

Order, delivery, and cut-off times assist meat suppliers in managing their customers’ expectations and avoiding any unexpected delays or surprises. Keeping track of changing supplier minimum order amounts and delivery schedules can be difficult to handle manually, so use online wholesalers to stay on top of the details.