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Jewellery for the Free-Spirited: Resin Pieces and How to Care for Them

Since 2020, resin pendants, rings and earrings have made a comeback in the jewellery industry. Gen Z and TikTok’s influences are entirely to blame for this. The major social media

How to Work the Western Look & the Hottest Western Fashion Brands

It seems like Western clothes never fully go out of style. This trend has has its ups and downs over the years, however, we’re now living through a great Western

Summer Wardrobe Staple: How to Find Quality Sandals on a Budget

A shopper can easily lose sight of how much they are spending if they don’t shop wisely. This is often the case with footwear such as sandals. Even though everyone

Leave the Straps Behind: Level-Up Your Summer Look with Heeled Mules

Summertime is the season when we can finally experiment clothing combos with an array of trendy shoes. The classic summer heels are probably your go-to as the weather gets warmer,

Majestic Athletic: A Ruling Streetwear Brand

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Finding it hard to navigate through all the available options? Can’t decide on which clothing items to get? Well

Earrings Style Guide for Modern Women

The way you accessorise an outfit can really make or break your entire look. It’s like the cherry on top. Knowing which types of accessories to use and how to

Embroidery: The Best Way to Customize and Brand Work Uniforms

No matter the industry your business thrives in, work shirts and uniforms are always going to be some of the essential work apparel items that you’ll need to invest in.

Chukkas for Men: The Beauty of Simplicity

Any contemporary fashionable man should have at least one pair of chukka boots in their closet. Chukkas are an ideal footwear option for many different types of outfits. For many,

Merino Wool 101: the Soft, Fine and Lofty Fiber

Where Does Merino Wool Come From? You may have heard the term Merino wool or read on the fabric on a clothing label, but you still might wonder – what

Leather Wallet: A Simple & Timeless Accessory for Every Modern Man

In the past, accessories were a luxury that not all people could afford. Accessories are a powerful tool that can make or break your outfit. They are small add-ons to

Von Zipper Lenses Replacement: Keep Your Glasses Looking Like New

Buying new sunglasses is a great pleasure but also a necessity. Your eyes are fragile, no matter if you think that you can endure the harsh sun rays during the

Footwear Trends: Must-Have Sneakers for Women

All women love high heels and the boost in self-confidence that comes with them. However, if there is one footwear type that has made a major comeback, it’s sneakers. Today,