Thursday , April 18 2024

Enhance Your Look With Silk Faux Lashes

Eyelash extensions have become a regular, everyday item for many people, girls and boys alike, around the globe. They are an excellent piece you can use to enhance any makeup look, bring attention to your eyes, and flutter them around feeling fabulous and pretty.

There are many different types of faux lashes out there, especially nowadays when demand is high and business is thriving, but not all of them are made the same. Many falsies are either of bad quality, of bad material, or in a worst-case scenario – both.

Then, there are those made of animal hair. Cruelty to animals is never cool and with the rise in activism against such things, the faux lash industry is adapting, with many brands straight out completely banning mink falsies from their collections.

Many people swear by mink lashes because of their softness and how close they look to real lashes, so if you’re one of these, but don’t really want to wear cruelty on your eyes there is something that can help. They’re called silk lashes and they’re amazing for many reasons. Let’s go over some of the highlights!

They’re Soft & Cruelty-Free



Silk is a natural material made out of, most popularly, mulberry silkworms, but this isn’t what’s used to make silk eyelashes. The process of extracting the silk from the worm’s cocoon is actually most often killing the worm itself and since cruelty-free items are a huge deal this process is off.

Instead, many brands that produce quality and natural-looking silk lashes opt for synthetic silk that involves no live creatures in order to be made. This silk is as silky and as soft as real silk and skips only on the cruelty part – everything else applies.

The way these fibres are made is a delicate process that requires a lot of attention and precision, so you can be absolutely sure that the silk eyelash extensions you’re about to put on your eyes won’t harm you in any way, shape, or form. They’re completely safe for use on all skin types.

Another great thing about the silk eyelashes is the fact that they’re handmade, which means that every fibre is attached to the band slowly and accurately to ensure maximum fluffiness and a uniform, even look.

Just like real silk, these fibres are extremely soft, so they’ll feel just like real silk or real mink fur lashes would. They’re not heavy at all, so you’ll have no issue wearing them for as long as you need. They’re also reusable which makes them eco-friendly.

They Look Like Real Lashes

False lashes


As I said, silk synthetic lashes are made by hand and items that are handmade are usually the ones that are of higher quality than those made by machines. The process of making faux lashes is basically an art that requires a lot of skill, practise, and patience, and an impeccable eye for aesthetics and symmetry.

Because of this, silk false lashes are always a top-notch product, of course, if you buy them from a respectable source, and will always look as good as your real lashes, blending seamlessly in with them.

No matter if you’re someone who likes a more natural, soft look or someone with an eye for the dramatic, silk false lashes are here to help you achieve that look and they’re going to do so gracefully.

There are a lot of different styles you can choose from that can answer any demand you might have and all this while being completely free of any cruelty or shadiness.

Attached to a little band, just like any falsies are, they’re easy to apply close to your natural lash line to ensure a stellar performance and an iconic look every time.

They’re Easy to Apply & Wear



The goal with falsies is to make them sit as close to your lash line as possible and allow them to mix in with your real lashes without creating a weird sort of gap and ruining the look.

As I said, these lashes are made in a way that allows for this to happen easily. You’ll still need a quality-made glue to keep them in place and a little bit of practice if you’re new to faux lashes, but overall the application experience is pretty easy and results in a seamless lash line that’s going to dazzle everyone, including yourself.

As for how long you can wear them, that’s something that’s up to you and your glue! Quality-made lashes are essential, but so is quality-made glue. There are different types of glues around, but some of them can be harmful or ineffective, so the smartest thing to do is to get the glue from the same retailer you get your silk eyelashes from.

This will eliminate any guesswork and will make sure your lashes and glue are totally compatible and will provide you with maximum longevity. Don’t forget to clean your lashes after you’re done wearing them and also store them properly for future use.

To finish off, don’t overuse faux lashes. Each pair has its own lifetime, so once they start looking off replace them. Mink lashes are expensive, but that’s not the case with silk lash extensions, so you’ll be able to get a new pair easily and enjoy those stunning eye looks over and over again.