Saturday , May 28 2022

Emphasise Your Interior With Clocks

When we first decide we want to inject some changed in our homes, we envision it has to be something on a large scale so we’d get the desired impact. Well, news for us all who think so, we can accomplish the same with the slightest bit of change – the simple addition of clocks. I know you’re curious, same as I was prior to discovering this incredible decorating secret.

Let’s not forget some decades, or rather centuries, ago clocks were the items used to showcase a family’s opulence, not merely let people know of the time, so why should today be any different? With the vast options of clocks nowadays, be they wall clocks, black clocks, plain clocks, colourful clocks, large clocks, small clocks, desk clocks, retro clocks, digital clocks, or silent clocks, you can be sure these are the homeware design products created to make your interior décor pop.

We all have our dear electronics, which are also in the role of time-reminders, but you can’t exactly have them emphasise your interior same way you can with the aesthetic beauty of clocks. For instance, many of the modern homes are focused on creating a more inviting feeling by steering towards openness, and brightness, so there is use of plenty bright pastel tones, and the addition of black clocks can immediately create an eye-catching, contrasting effect.


You can be as bold as you want using clocks as your secret interior transformation key, and go for something as far fetched as creating a wall full of clocks, which could be your own unique wall mural, use different clocks to mark different timezones around the globe, or enhance a certain feature in your home with a clock (e.g. clock on a fireplace, clock in a bookcase).

The best thing of this is you get aesthetic points, as well as never getting in the role of Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit who always runs late. This means not only would you be able to break away monotony by creating striking interior time-spots, but your life would also get to benefit by making you become better organised – you can’t ignore time when you have to look at an intricate clock.

When you think about it, clocks are nothing if not art pieces that can fill up home voids in a lively manner, with their style, colour, and constant tick-tocking. There’s the right one for every home, no matter how big or small, and even if you don’t exactly have the space for anything artsy, you can always find some room for a clock.