Thursday , April 18 2024

Coffee Mug Can Affect How You Perceive the Taste of Your Coffee

One of the many things that categorize people is the love for coffee; the magical drink that can turn a morning, cranky scarecrow into a lovely, beautiful and perfectly ready to seize the day, princess. There are three types of people according to this categorization: people who hate coffee and don’t consume it at all ( I personally think they don’t understand the entire philosophy of this ancient drink, so I won’t even try to discuss them), people who literally don’t care about the coffee ritual, but just whether it’s caffeinated or decaffeinated, sugar or no sugar and milk or no milk and then they just drink it in like 2-3 minutes tops. Really? It is that simple for you? And finally, there are those deep souls that get the meaning of coffee and because of it, nurture a special kind of love towards the drink, the process of making it and the ritual of taking it. This is the kind of people I like. OK, it is mainly because I’m one of them, but you get the point.

First coffee mug

And somewhere in this short love story, is the second most important piece: the coffee mug. Real coffee lovers don’t just pick a mug, or worse, pick any mug in the mug cabinet. No no, they have their special coffee mug, very customized, very individual and very ‘them’. These people choose the mug to fit their work environment, their lounge area, their bedroom, the garden and the balcony. Which means, they have a mug for every occasion, every spot in the house and for the office; one suitable for every coffee of the day and each and one is carefully picked with an idea in mind.

Whether it’s a monocoloured design, something with a quote, or maybe a pattern or a picture, the mug of the coffee lover is beyond his pure and honest love for the ritual. He/she chooses the mug instinctively, instantly imaging himself/herself taking the precious drink from it. And of course, if the mug is so appealing and causes that loving sensation of happiness and satisfaction, how can the coffee be bad? Maybe it’s a psychological effect, but the degree to which you like your coffee mug influences largely the degree of love towards coffee. I know this because I have three coffee mugs in the office and two more at home. I use all 5 for different times of the day and of course, for different types of coffee.

I need my morning coffee mug

Also, the dimensions of the mug plays a role in the whole enjoyment. For instance, small mugs in the morning aren’t suitable for people who are desperate for their morning stimulant. As a matter of fact, they may be dangerous. On the other hand, larger mugs are simply painful for people who enjoy coffee such as espresso or small doses of Turkish coffee. Therefore, if you love all types of coffee, owning more than one mug is just inevitable.

To wrap it all up, besides dosage and knowing the right ingredients, having the mug that goes with your individuality, your mood and even the environment where you take it, matters a lot in regards whether you’ll be drinking it with a smile on your face, or not.