Thursday , July 18 2024

Barbecue Grills: Make Your Backyard Cookouts Sizzle

There are some moments in life simply more important than others. Spending time with your family, celebrating your loved one’s birthday or just spending a Sunday together is reason enough to get a BBQ cookout fire going.

Why are meat-lovers (vegan meat-substitutes included) crazy about using grills? Well, other than feeling great about cooking for your family in your backyard, grilling uses high heat which seals the juices so your food stays tender without needing to add high-calorie oil, butter or other sauces. So there’s no question about the benefits of health and flavour barbecue grills provide to your diet and overall lifestyle.

If your backyard hasn’t utilized an outdoor BBQ grill yet, it’s time to consider an upgrade that will improve the taste of your food and offer more opportunities for social gatherings for you to enjoy. So if you’re wondering what kinds of barbecue grills are available on the market, here’s a list you might want to consider.

Built-in BBQ GrillsGet the Barbeque Grill You Need and Deserve

Built-in BBQ Grills

A built-in barbecue can be pricy considering that it basically means a second kitchen. However, if you barbecue frequently and desperately need that extra storage because you have a large family or have an interest in professional cooking, then this is the grill for you. Getting a built-in BBQ isn’t the most complicated thing once you decide which one you want (and if you want it to run on propane, gas, or charcoal). The trickier part is smoothing out the designs factor, fire safety and materials to consider when planning a built-in which might require a natural gas line.

Portable (Compact) Grills

Now let’s look at the opposite of built-in grills: A portable grill. This is the grill you need if you’re constantly on the go, enjoy gourmet cooking camping trips and are into outdoors family entertainment. Whether you pick one that runs on gas, charcoal or pellets, a portable grill is all you need to cook meat, fish and veg on the beach, by the lake, at the campsite, in the garden or on your balcony. Compact grills are your sign that you don’t have to give up gourmet cooking even if you’re strapped on space.

Electric Grills

Electric grills have no open flames; instead, the grates heat up automatically when the grill is plugged in and turned on. Another thing about the electric grills is that they are usually taking up less space than gas and charcoal models, so they’re typically more portable and easy to move around the patio. You may choose to stand it on a table or purchase a stand. If you like to be in maximum control and “start the fire” with just a button, this might be the grill for you.

Infrared Grills

An infrared grill uses infrared technology as the heat source. In a conventional gas grill, the flame heats the grates directly. And while the majority of infrared grills use propane or natural gas as a heat source, some can be powered by electricity. Some brands claim that infrared heat helps the meat cook more evenly and that the removable warming tray keeps everything at an ideal serving temperature.

Infrared GrillsMaintenance of Your Grill

Making sure that your grill is set up properly while observing all safety measurements comes first and is the foundation of your enjoyable experiences. When it comes to cleaning your grill and maintaining it, consider getting a grill pad beneath your grill before you start cooking.

For a fast clean up, it’s best to do it when your grill is turned off but still hot. For a deeper clean, remove the grates when the grill is cool and squirt on a little dishwashing liquid (or place the grates in warm soapy water), then scrub with a wire brush or abrasive pad. You can also use a bio-degradable foaming solution with high pH if you prefer eco-friendly. The bottom line is to make sure your degreaser of choice breaks down oils, biofilms, grease, proteins and carbohydrate deposits without causing harm to metal, wood, glass or plastic surfaces.

Other Appliances That Can Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen Experience

Outdoor Refrigerator

Instead of keeping a cooler filled with ice, you can quickly grab a cold drink from your outdoor refrigerator for your convenience. An outdoor refrigerator seems to become more and more of a necessity to keep ready-to-cook items at a healthy temperature, store leftovers, etc.

BBQ SmokerBBQ Smoker

If you’re a major foodie, professional cook or just someone that enjoys experimenting with smoking meats, consider a wood pellet grill or a smoker for slow cooking. BBQ smokers can be standalone appliances, or they can be the centrepiece of your outdoor kitchen.

Pizza Oven

And what else could make you the queen or king of the party if not a freshly made pizza right out of the oven? Play around with smoky flavours, and take your backyard entertainment to a whole new level.