Monday , May 20 2024

Activewear for Little Girls: Cute Pieces for Easy Movement

One of the greatest abilities that children possess is to be active all day without getting tired. The reason why they are always moving, jumping and running around is that they have so much energy. Participating in sports activities is a good way to use all that energy constructively. Sports can help them explore and develop skills that are beneficial for their mental, social, physical and emotional development. To feel comfortable during sports activities, your kid needs the right clothes.

When you’re a parent, you’re constantly facing the question of how to choose your children’s clothes. Knowing that kids grow up fast, choosing the right activewear sometimes can be an overwhelming task. Plus, activewear isn’t like regular clothes. It needs to facilitate movement and help kids stay comfortable. To make sure that they can move and stretch with ease, you need to pay special attention when selecting high-performance kids activewear.


Your little girl athlete can benefit a lot from a crop. This item is great for mixing and matching with various kids activewear pieces and can be worn independently or under a tee or a hoodie. The reason why crops are so popular as activewear is that they are form-fitting as to not get in the way, yet soft, allowing your little girl to move with ease and comfort.

These kids sportswear pieces are available in a plethora of colours and designs, making it hard to choose just one. Whether you opt for a classy, one-coloured model, or one with a playful floral print, it can be a great choice for running, dancing, gymnastic or even using it for an everyday summer outfit.


Kids like to keep their legs busy in activities like running, playing netball, jumping and cycling. Shorts are perfect in these instances as there’s no risk that they can be caught up in something like a bicycle chain or a jump rope. These pieces are made specifically to adhere to various leg movements used in all kinds of sports activities, which is why kids love them.

The best choice is a model made of high performance and quality material that can wick off sweat from the skin. You can choose from a selection of features from pockets to comfortable waistbands with drawstrings to fit several sizes in one go. Multiple designs are also available, which make these versatile sports pieces ideal choice for matching with sports crops.


When the weather is not so warm for shorts, sports tights are the perfect alternative. This versatile clothing item for little girls can be a great choice for sports activities, but also ideal for pairing with everyday clothes. Whether you go for a full length or 3/4 tights, choosing from a wide selection of printed or blank coloured sports tights can add style to your little princess’ wardrobe. An ideal pair of stretchy tights can withstand leg movements without losing its original shape.


When the weather is unpredictable, a hoodie is a wonderful way to add some extra layer of warmth for your active kid. It’s also a great stylish piece that your girl can wear above her crop, or tied around her waist. A good rule of thumb is to select a hoodie that is one size bigger than your girls’ regular size, to make sure that it’s large enough to cover her head and neck comfortably. Also, it might be a good idea to choose a model that features pockets, so she can put her hands inside to warm up when it’s chilly.


During sports activities, your kid’s little feet need to be protected and feel comfortable. Socks play an important part in completing a functional activewear look. The material from which the socks are made should be breathable to allow sweat on the feet to evaporate easily.

That being said, kids’ bamboo socks are an ideal choice as they can absorb moisture and prevent sweating. Bamboo is an organic and sustainable choice for material that doesn’t irritate the skin, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.


Adding a cap to your little athlete’s wardrobe is a perfect way to protect your kid’s head when exposed to the sun or just add a finishing touch to her sports outfit. Make sure to choose one with an adjustable size, so your kid can wear it more than just one season. Caps made of 100% cotton can feel better on the head and are ideal for sports activities that involve a lot of sweating. Simple designs in one colour might be a better choice since they can go with any outfit your girl decides to wear.

What Material Is the Best Choice?

Since sweating during sports activities is a natural way to cool off and regulate temperature, it’s important to choose an appropriate fabric for this purpose. The best material for kids activewear should be light, stretchable, breathable and quick-drying.

Cotton absorbs moisture but takes forever to dry, which makes it a bad choice for activewear. Synthetic clothing, on the other hand, dry very quickly due to the hollow composition of the synthetic fibres. Polyester has proven to be one of the most appropriate materials for sportswear. A blend of od polyester and spandex is the perfect combination of breathable and stretchable materials for kids activewear that can provide comfort and easy movement.