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Tips for Decorating a Kitchen: Add Colour and Personality to Your Cooking Space

You spend a significant portion of your day in the kitchen. The average person spends about two hours a day preparing meals, eating, and cleaning. If you have a large family, this figure is likely to be closer to three or four hours per day. For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to ensure that your kitchen is a pleasant and comfortable place to be. Isn’t a warm kitchen preferable to a stark, medical-feeling kitchen?

You can make your kitchen more welcoming by making a few minor improvements such as hanging a wonderful kitchen wall art to look at every day. As a result, the area becomes more than just a place where you prepare dinner and do the dishes. Instead, it changes into a vibrant and engaging environment in which you’d love to spend your time every day.

Arrange The Sitting Area Properly

Arrange The Sitting Area Properly


If you don’t have comfy seats in your kitchen, it won’t be truly cosy. After all, if you want your kitchen to be a pleasant area to spend time in, it must have a relaxing section for meal prep, eating, or simply enjoying a morning cup of coffee.

Design experts recommend arranging the seating in a circle around a focal piece of furniture (like an island or dining table). This is an easy method to create a homey kitchen if you have the space for an eat-in kitchen.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you may still add depth to your kitchen. To increase counter space, add an island or a small table, and choose a few barstools or chairs. This way, your family can eat a nutritious breakfast together or catch up over a mid-afternoon snack. Adding some chairs to your kitchen also makes it an excellent area for entertaining visitors with a handcrafted cocktail.

Add Colour with Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor


There are plenty of other methods to liven up your kitchen. Add some ornamental towels or knick-knacks that you’ve collected along the road. Hanging brand new kitchen wall pictures to create a focal point is the best way to enliven a dull kitchen space.

Open shelves can be used to store dishes and glasses, but you can also use them to display intriguing artifacts or colourful paintings. Mix cookbooks, kitchen supplies, and decorative original artwork for a functional yet elegant display. Nothing adds more flair and colour to a room than a gallery wall. Showcase a collection of paintings or photographs, or incorporate wall hangings and other types of kitchen artwork. Choose simple, cohesive frames or a variety of extravagant alternatives to spice things up!

Want to spend a little more money while still adding character to your home? Pick up a few gallons of paint and experiment with a fresh colour for your walls! A new coat of paint will give your kitchen a new feeling of personality. Choose a bright colour for a focal wall and a more subtle colour for the remaining walls to offer a splash of personality. This is a solution that would also help you add depth and visually enlarge your space.

Experiment With the Lights

After you’ve finished painting your kitchen and hanging your inspirational kitchen wall pictures and prints, it’s time to think about your existing lighting fixtures. It could be time to change out the light bulbs for something brighter or to freshen them up with more modern designs. Changing the lighting in your kitchen is an easy way to spruce things up.

You can also take advantage of natural lighting. If you’re blocking the sun with drapery or blinds, simply opening them can instantly transform your kitchen! Consider sheer panels as drapes for a bit more privacy if that applies to your situation. These will allow light to pass through your window while adding an extra layer of protection.

Bring Nature Inside

design points if they are in unique flower planters


Every room in your home deserves some greenery. You’ll discover something to your liking, whether it’s gorgeous succulent plants, cactus gardens, or indoor trees. Don’t forget about the kitchen! You’re going to be spending a lot of time there, so why not surround yourself with the relaxing benefits of nature with kitchen plants?

Plants can also filter the air. A now-famous NASA research from 1989 discovered that houseplants help lower indoor air pollutants, including formaldehyde and benzene. Other recent research demonstrates that plants (bonus design points if they are in unique flower planters) increase creativity, which is ideal when trying out a new recipe!

For plants that prefer bright light, a south-facing window is ideal, but east and west-facing windows can also be used, though the light is less powerful. Even if your kitchen lacks natural light, many plants may thrive in low-light environments. If your kitchen has no windows, consider installing LED lights under cupboards to offer extra light for small potted plants. LEDs do not produce heat like conventional or halogen bulbs, so you may add light without heating your desk.

It goes without saying that having fresh herbs on your counter is essential! Some herbs, however, are better suited to lower light levels than others. Small pots of basil and rosemary will grow in a sunny window. If, however, your kitchen is on the darker side, stick to less finicky herbs like parsley, mint, and chives—unless you have supplementary lighting.

Reduce Clutter

Do you avoid your kitchen because of the mess on your countertops? You’re not the only one. According to studies, and also common sense, clean, open spaces are more appealing than cluttered surfaces. Fortunately, this is a straightforward problem to solve.

First, figure out how to get organized. Clear out your junk mail and drawers, sticky notes, and other objects that have accumulated. Reduce the number of decorations that take up counter space. This will help to create a more relaxing ambience in your cosy kitchen.

You should also ensure that everyone in your household is committed to staying organized. Next, think about how you can expand the amount of usable space in your kitchen. Hanging pots and pans overhead can be both functional and fashionable, but it can also look cramped.

Instead, consider mounting a magnetic knife strip on the wall. This will provide your kitchen with an aesthetic dimension while also enabling accessibility. You may have one for knives and one for lighter pans. Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of putting away utensils and appliances when you’re done with them. Keeping your cabinets and drawers organized will encourage you to use them!

Never Stop Upgrading

Upgrade an appliance or fixture if you’ve completed all of the preceding stages and still believe your kitchen requires something more. A beautiful sink or faucet may be all that is required to make your kitchen stand out. Consider upgrading your fixtures with a different finish, such as brass or brushed bronze. Whatever your kitchen renovation requirements are, a trained consultant can assist you if you need professional assistance.

If you’re ready to change things up with the basics, look into kitchen floating floors. Most floating floors are eco-friendly since they utilize less wood, and others are built of eco-friendly materials. They are also incredibly flexible and may be readily installed over existing flooring of a range of different materials.