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Things to Consider When Buying Replica Designer Furniture

Replica designer furniture, or furniture that looks like high-end designer pieces or other rare goods, is rising in popularity. There’s something quite fulfilling about finding duplicate furniture at a far cheaper price range than its museum-quality counterpart.

Purchasing imitation pieces, on the other hand, has its downfalls. Replica furniture has been condemned for ripping off the original designer, while some are not so much a replica, as they are a “similar option”. How do you know if you should spend your money on the real thing or a furniture replica? I’ve gathered some pointers to assist you in deciding whether replicas are worth it or whether you should make a more significant investment.

Do Your Research

Contacting the customer service team at an online replica furniture Australia based store can help you choose the correct pieces for your area while saving money. Working with an expert to find the perfect item will allow you to acquire sturdy furniture that will stand up to the wear and tear of daily living if you are looking to add a replica designer furniture piece to your home that will last for years to come.

Be On the Look Out for Sales

When you shop online, you have access to many furniture retailers without needing to leave your house. When you find furniture companies that provide the designer furniture that you want, try joining their email list so that you may be notified of sales and other impending promotions. Consequently, you will be able to time your purchases so that you may take advantage of special offers as they become available.

Pick It Up Yourself

Having your furniture delivered to your doorstep is a fantastic feature. However, if you want to avoid paying shipping fees, choosing an in-store pickup option will help you save money on designer furniture. Picking up your furniture is as simple as purchasing the item you desire online and then going to the store. It’s also better if you want to look at it in person before making a final purchase.

Consider the Traditional Models

traditional interior living room


When buying designer furniture online, the easiest method to save money is to go for minimalist or conventional models, depending on your home décor preferences. When you use these furniture styles in your home, they are more likely to fit in with your home decor as newer trends are introduced. While such furniture items may cost more upfront, you will get more usage out of them in the long run because their designs do not become outdated as quickly.

Don’t Overlook the Furniture’s Lifetime Value

An original piece of furniture will grow in value over time if it is well-maintained. As previously stated, original designs are often of higher quality, and because the artist creates them, their brand will continue to bring value. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that will always have a specialized (high-paying) market if you ever decide to sell your furniture. Many designs survive the test of time; they complement various styles and aesthetics. Replica items are unlikely to provide the same return on investment. However, if you move frequently, have pets or children, or only intend to keep a piece for a few years, a copy is a better option for you and your family.

Don’t Forget to Measure Everything Twice

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While visually inspecting has its merits, leaving the specifics to a tape measure. If you’re looking for a bookcase, chair, sofa, or end table, measure the height, breadth, and depth of the space you’ve designated for it. Spending even a few dollars on a lovely curving corner shelf could be a waste if it doesn’t fit into the corner you want to put it in. Choose a couple of potential locations around your house where you might wish to display the piece. That way, you’ll have a backup plan if you come across something that appears to be perfect but is just a tad larger than your preferred location.

Your Budget Is the Deciding Factor

Aside from ethics and aesthetics, purchasing imitation furniture is significantly less expensive than purchasing the original. If you don’t mind sacrificing quality, reproductions will make your design aspirations a lot more inexpensive. Replicas are still not affordable in some circumstances. Take a Featherston armchair as an example; a genuine one will set you back $15,000. Some reproductions are a steal at $1,100, but that’s still a lot of money, and how will it affect the rest of your budget?

What About Second Hand Furniture?

When buying old furniture, experts recommend knowing beforehand about the piece’s history. If it’s a recent buy (or anything still available from the original shop), you should know where it came from so you can look it up; aim for a 50% discount. If it’s vintage and in good shape, you can end yourself spending more than the item was originally worth. You could also inquire as to why the seller is selling it. That backstory, I believe, is essential for your consideration? Is the piece comfortable? Are they selling you this because they’re getting ready to move? Or is there a problem with it? You should also inquire about any flaws, scents, and bed bugs.

Even if it sounds a bit absurd, bad-smelling furniture may be a deal-breaker, no matter how much you adore it. It’s difficult to pinpoint the source of a strange odour, and even a mild stench might take a long time to dissipate. A tiny residue of cigarette smoke, for example, will intensify once a piece is brought within from a flea market (and it can soak into your clothes and other fabric in your home, to boot). New fabric, paint, and stain can do wonders, but once an odour has become embedded in a piece of furniture, it is usually permanent.