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RovyVon Products – Innovation Originality & Quality Packed in One

About RovyVon

RovyVon was established towards the end of 2017. It is based in Shenzhen, China and its founders are all outdoor enthusiasts who strive to create high-quality products. The senior designer Chen has more than a decade of experience in creating outdoor products, and he’s using this experience to give us top-notch, affordable and innovative EDC equipment.

Their focus is to manufacture original and unique LED lights, torches, keychain lights and EDC gear with uncompromised quality. The foundation of their company is mutual respect, communication for good cooperation and problem-solving, execution of their best ideas, innovation of high-quality products and offers to encourage business growth and win-win, a state they pursue between them and their customers.

RovyVon’s Finest Products

Keychain Lights

RovyVon Gold Aurora A3 Pro Keychain Flashlight


We all know that keychain lights can be extremely useful and easy to carry. With them, you are prepared for emergencies, feel more secure when walking in the middle of the night and you can easier find your belongings in the dark, such as your keys or phone. The good news is, RovyVon offers a wide range of keychain lights – from their A1 super-compact light to their A11 super colourful keychain light – you have quite a few choices.

They are all lightweight and compact and come with a power output between 650 and 700 lumens. With the CREE LED and Nichia LED combined they give out a perfect bright light with a warmer feel and colours as accurate as possible. With all of them, you have the opportunity to choose from 4 different levels of brightness to suit your needs with every use. A strobe light is also available and can be controlled with just one button.

In addition, all of their batteries can be recharged thanks to the Micro USB cable that provides a full charge in 90 minutes. They are all built from stainless steel so different kinds of weather conditions, such as heat, rain and snow won’t harm and damage them. And you have the 1.5m impact-resistant guarantee. If you don’t own a keychain light this is the time to get one, choose from the different variety of colours and patterns available at RovyVon.

EDC Torches

RovyVon Aurora A23 Stainless Steel EDC torch Keychain Flashlight


If you’re a practical and always prepared person, you surely own an EDC torch. Nowadays, we all lean on our phones to provide light when needed, but this lighting and the RovyVon flashlight light are incomparable. The difference is also in the distance the light can go to. Your phone light might be good for a few meters in front of you, but the EDC torch will get you far more than that, from 126m up to 150m of beam distance.

Both Aurora A25 and Aurora A23 torches come with an output of 1.000 lumens. In addition, the A23 is equipped with a strobe and an SOS light that can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations. Plus, it’s easily controllable with just one button on the side. On the other side, the A25 has a red light or a UV light. They both come with a 600mAh rechargeable battery, powered by a Micro USB cable. The feature that separates the S3 torch from the others, is its ceramic glass breaker installed on the tall cap.

Work Lights

Black RovyVon E300S Angel Eyes Work Lights


Whether you need to change a burned light bulb, fix something on the dark attic, search for something in the basement or check for animals around the backyard, work lights are a great asset to own.

RovyVon offers a variety of work lights to choose from, and they all come with different options and features. The Angel Eyes E300S is unique and recognizable by its rectangular body shape. On it, there is an option for 3 x GREE and 2 x Nicha LED lights that can have an output of 2.000 lumens. It’s multipurpose, which makes it even more desirable, with its ability to be used as an everyday carry light, a bike light or even a pocket light with its 101×36.7×17.3 dimensions and weight of just 96g. The dual switch, charging indicator and internal thermal control sensor makes it even more unique.

The big guy in this category is the S2 Elite. It’s an immensely powerful torch with an output of 10.000 lumens and an amazing beam distance of 600m. Besides the spot and the floodlight, it offers red light modes. The bright digital display lets you see the battery level and the charging status at all times. Another surprising feature is the possibility of fast charging other devices on its battery, and the magnetic tail allows you to attach the S2 Elite to any metal surface for more practicality. It doesn’t matter if you need it for search and rescue, law enforcement or just regular outdoor usage, the S2 Elite is the work light to have in hand.

EDC Gear

As we said before, RovyVon’s greatest priority is quality, originality and of course, innovation. That’s why they come up with new, practical and high-quality EDC gear for everyday use.

The first thing we want to present is the Utility U4 keychain carabiner. It also has a folding knife that can be quite useful. The titanium alloy makes it highly durable, corrosion-resistant and heat resistant, which means it will be a tool to have for a lifetime. Plus, the scalpel blade can be replaced. A small but meaningful feature is the 4cm ruler markings on the side. Suitable for small measurements, this carabiner can be strapped to your keychain and used whenever you need it.

EDC gear Organizer RovyVon Commander C20 Pen Ceramic glass breaker and tritium tubed cap and gerber jukebox


Next, is the Valor V20. This knife is created for many purposes, and it can help you in your everyday life. From cutting, prying, scraping and even opening bottles. Needless to say, stainless steel is highly enduring and also replaceable. The hole at the tail makes it easy to attach to a keyring, paracord or lanyard, so you can have it on you at any time.

Another interesting piece of gear is the Commander C20 pen. Because it’s built from titanium, and its CNC machined this pen is lightweight, comfortable to hold and touch, and of course corrosion resistant. An interesting feature it has, it’s the ability to break glass, thanks to the ceramic ball installed at the top of its cap.

Other interesting gear RovyVon offers is the EDC Storage Capsule, titanium bead and paracord, camouflage hunting caps, steel necklace chains and many more.

To Sum

Technology is rapidly changing and upgrading by the day. We all try to keep up to date and follow the new trends. We are not looking just for pretty items, but items that are high-quality, useful, affordable and durable. So, the next time you’re looking for a reputable lighting brand, give RovyVon a chance and enjoy all the perks the brand’s products offer.