Thursday , April 18 2024

Mo-Tow: An Easy Solution for Transporting Your Bike Anywhere

Riding a motorcycle is fun and exciting, it gives you the opportunity to connect to your surroundings and gives you a sense of freedom. It enables you to meet and interact with different people, but also it helps you save at the pump and improve your overall well-being. Motorcycles are all about adventure and excitement, but as with any other vehicle, there might be a situation when you’ll need to tow your motorbike. Every motorcycle rider should know the steps for towing a motorcycle and using a motorcycle carrier is one of the simplest and easiest methods out there.

MoTow: Motocross/Motorcycle Bike Carrier

MoTow is the original motorcycle carrier. It has developed to utilize the tow-ball of your large vehicle to offer a solution to motocross transportation problems without the need of owning a trailer. Designed and developed in Australia since 2006, Mo-Tow provides an easy solution for transporting your trail bike to your riding destination and helps you avoid the cost and hassles of a traditional motocross trailer and trailer storage. You can choose Mo-Tow as an excellent alternative to the typical big trailer or pick up truck that owning a motorbike typically requires.

MoTow is a fantastic lightweight carrier and can be fitted and removed in a minute, with the tube steel/aluminium construction ensuring this sturdy bike carrier can offer a carrying capacity to permit your bike easily. It connects directly into the typical square Hayman Reece type tow-bar hitch system.


The carrier and loading ramp are made from lightweight aluminium, while the main support is made of steel. An anti-tilt bracket eliminates any movement, so you can easily get up to the roughest terrain and excessive cornering on your way for an amazing ride. MoTow offers secure tie-down points, which allows you to secure your bike in place by securing either the footpegs or other substantial anchor point on your bike.

Just walk your bike up the ramp and use the tie-down points on the MoTow to secure the bike. As with any bike carrier, you need to make sure they’re fit correctly. Tie down both ends and strap the rims in place, don’t just use handlebar tie-downs only. Usually, it’s recommended to use 4 tie-downs.

MoTow is designed for use on medium to large vehicles and is rated to 180 kgs (400lbs) carrying capacity. Keep in mind that number plates and tail lights may be required depending on the visibility of each once the bike is mounted to your vehicle.

MoTow motorcycle carrier is an amazingly popular and reliable product that solves all your motocross transportation problems. If you’ve ever thought of owning a trail bike and couldn’t justify the cost of a traditional motocross trailer, or don’t have the room for one, then MoTow is your best choice. Even if you have a motocross trailer, at times you may have a single bike to carry, so you won’t need to drag the big trailer around, but use the carrier instead.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your MoTow

Many factors can go into selecting the right carrier that will work best for our needs, depending on the size and weight of our ride. Here are the main points to consider before making a decision.

motow accessories

Determine Your Hitch Class

This is an important step because your hitch class will set the total weight limit you’ll be able to transport safely using a hitch-mounted carrier.

Find Your Tongue Weight Rating

When you install a hitch-mounted carrier and load up your motorcycle, you need to make sure the combined weight is not too heavy for your vehicle. That’s why you need to find the tongue weight rating and see what is the maximum weight limit.

As a rule of thumb, the tongue weight should never exceed 10% of your vehicle’s gross weight rating. Once you know the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can carry on the hitch, then you can use it to ensure that the combined weight of your carrier and motorcycle stay under that amount.

Know the Weight of Your Motorcycle

Knowing the weight of your motorcycle can help you ensure your vehicle can handle the weight of the carrier with the bike on it. Additionally, you’ll need to consider the weight of the fuel as well.

Measure Your Ride

To make sure your motorcycle will fit on the carrier, you’ll need to take three measurements into account, such as the following.

  • The total length of your motorcycle
  • The width of the tires
  • Your motorcycle’s ground clearance


Consider Getting Adjustable Wheel Chocks

When transporting your motorcycle, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and adjustable wheel chocks are a great choice to ensure that the front wheel stays immobile in transit and give your bike additional stability.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

There are many popular motorcycle accessories, but when it comes to your motorcycle carrier, make sure to consider what you need most.

Tie-down straps are essential, while soft loops can be of great help in protecting your motorcycle’s paint and providing the perfect loop for a tie-down strap hook. In addition, silencing and locking trailer hitch pins can be used to increase the stability of your carrier while on the road, or to lock it to your vehicle when you’re at your destination.