Friday , July 19 2024

Japanese Knife Sets: Worthy Addition in Your Kitchen Tool Arsenal

If you love prepping ingredients and cooking meals from scratch in your kitchen, you know how important the right kitchen tools can be. These are aids designed to make the whole process as perfect and effortless as possible, to not only draw out the best of each ingredient but also help you with creating meals that are eye-pleasing same as they’re tasty and flavourful.


Knives are essentials a foodie and cooking enthusiast simply can’t do without, but you’re missing out a great deal if handy Japanese knife sets aren’t part of your arsenal. It’s not that they started growing in popularity overnight – their reliability, exceptional craftsmanship, and choice of material have long been known outside of Japan too.


Are Japanese Knives a Good Investment?

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This is a valid question especially for those of us with a small budget, given the higher price of such tools. Sure, you may end up paying more initially than you would with your regular blades, however, think of this as the kind of investment that can only benefit your cooking the more you use it.


Moreover, there are great options for pairs of knives you would otherwise find at a higher price individually, so you can still save up while buying, and end up gaining a lot with Japanese knife sets as a deal. In short, they’re well worth the investment if you’d like to have the kind of tools the best chefs are equipped with.


What further makes Japanese knives stand out from the rest is they’re thinner, harder, as well as sharper. All three are outstanding properties for all chefs and chef enthusiasts, especially those who are just starting and would like to work with something lightweight that doesn’t produce hand fatigue, and at the same time offers utmost precision for effortless cutting and chopping.


The added benefit, besides the ease of use, is the fact the knives in a Japanese cooking knife set are made from quality materials (true for the blades as much as the handles), so they don’t require a lot of care and maintenance as they’re sturdy, durable, and could be freshened up with just a little sharpening with a whetstone to get sharp blades again.


Just remember, their lifespan can be increased if you rinse, dry, and store them properly in the designated cases, blocks, or stands, as well as mindfully use the adequate knife type with the suitable ingredients as some are more durable and fit for serious cutting and chopping than others. Not cutting directly on hard surfaces is another aspect you need to keep in mind to avoid doing so. Treat yourself to such blades, or a loved one who enjoys cooking, and you can truly take cooking to the next level regardless of what the meal or cuisine of choice may be.


How to Pick the Best Japanese Knife Set?

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Price isn’t the only aspect you should be considering when selecting from a range of options. The beauty of these sets is they come with more than one knife so you get to benefit from variety, perfect for prepping and cooking various meals. It’s up to you to decide what kind of variety is most suitable for you, your specific needs and preferences.


A Basic Set

If you’re not that big of a chef, and you’re not that skilled yet with working with knives, you’d do great with a basic Hachido set that comes with smaller knives that are lightweight, easier to handle, and cover the basics such as utility, paring, and bread knife. In short, getting a set with a gyuto or petty is more than enough in this case.


A Mid-Range Set

This refers to the skill as much as the budget, so if you’re progressing with your cooking skills, you aren’t afraid of a little more knife weight, and you have the budget to invest in something better, mid-range Japanese knives set like MCUSTA that’s got the functionality as much as the looks would come in handy. A chef’s knife, followed by a utility knife, a paring knife, and a slicing knife, are all nice options. Sujihiki is a purposeful addition for slicing, filleting and skinning fish as well as prepping meats.


A Pro Set

This kind of investment has it all—the high-end looks and the high-end functionality. A pro set like one from Nenohi often consists of more than the mere basics and mid-range, and, as such, offers more variety, making it a good fit for those cooks who usually prepare a varied assortment of dishes.


It consists of a blade and handle combos that are true works of art (think high-end stainless steel and ancient olive wood) you’d enjoy showcasing in the kitchen. And, on top of it all, it’s made for perfection with the food prep performance. As such, it’s great for chefs who are serious about their cooking and the skills they work with.