Thursday , July 18 2024

Interesting Gifts for Gin Lovers They’ll Never Forget

Gin is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages these days. It has the ability to complement almost any flavour profile and you can combine it with different juices and alcohols. It’s perfect for creating amazing refreshing cocktails such as Negroni, Gin & Tonic, Tom Collins, French 75, Pegu Club, Bramble and much more. It works best for the summer months but you could easily transform it into a winter beverage.

The interesting thing is that it originates in Holland and it was first sold as a medicine, similar to Coca-Cola. Franciscus Sylvius created this amazing liquid in the 16th century to improve circulation, and the soldiers during the Dutch War of Independence used it as “Dutch Courage.” If you have a friend or a relative that knows these facts and loves gin, there are many gift ideas to surprise them with on the next special occasion.

Gin Hamper

gin hamper


Hampers are pretty much all the rage right now. People buy them for many occasions, birthdays, graduations, welcome gifts, anniversaries and anything else you can imagine. The main reason to buy a beautiful gin gift pack is the number of choices you have when it comes to its contents. There are pre-packed hampers with nice food and alcohol combinations, but in case you don’t like any of them, you can create one on your own. Mix and match different types of gin and add spreads, chutneys, crisp bread, biscuits, nut mix, olives, and chocolate with herbs and spices. If this isn’t enough, you can always add more.


Add a pair of gin glasses, a delicious Pinot Noir, the person’s favourite book, some sports equipment, clothes, jewellery and anything else this person might be interested in. It’s a good way to show that you’ve put some thought into the gift and know their interests and hobbies. This is the gift that keeps on giving for many days ahead. They can eat and drink the gin and snacks whenever they want, read the book later and wear the jewellery for many years. Plus, the box can be a good storage space for magazines, makeup, underwear, books and tools.

If by any chance you don’t have the time to go around stores and look for hampers, you can always go online and order something from there. Most of the retailers offer same-day delivery which can be very convenient if you accidentally forget about the occasion. You can do this from the comfort of your own home or while you’re in the office. If you add a card to say your best wishes and congratulations, the gin gift pack will be completed. It’ll have a sentimental value and the receiver will never forget it.

Gin Glasses

gin glasses


Every gin lover has a favourite glass they want to have their gin in. Whether it’s neat, the classic gin and tonic or a delicious cocktail, a nice glass will complete the overall experience. One of the most popular choices is the tall balloon gin glass. It can usually fit around 420ml of liquid and has an elegant stem that gives it a luxurious feel. The shape allows for a lot of ice to keep the drink cold, and you won’t have to get up and refill it very often. The only downside is that almost all of these glasses have to be hand-washed.

If the recipient loves to go camping or on picnics often, another gin-fit glass is the crystal-look acrylic tumbler. This is a very lightweight option and an affordable one. They look great and because they’re acrylic, they’re shatter-resistant. It usually fits around 350ml of liquid and can be washed in the dishwasher. These glasses also come in unusual shapes. They can look stylish, elegant, modern and unique. And you also have the classic martini glass that’s sleek and stylish. It’s easy to drink from and the stems are comfortable and elegant.


Buying a gift that’s both practical and fun is the ultimate goal for everyone. One such gift is clothing. You can buy pants, dresses, socks, caps, shawls, and cardigans, the options are endless. But t-shirts have the possibility to be printed in many interesting ways. A good gift for a gin-lover would be a nice t-shirt made from high-quality materials and printed with some interesting gin references. People are creative and come up with some amazing lines and funny puns such as:

  • Gindependent Woman;
  • I need a HUGe glass of gin & tonic;
  • Let the fun be Gin;
  • Gym? Did you mean gin?;
  • Proud Gintimist;
  • Gincident – an event that happened due to one too many gins;
  • The Ginfather;
  • GINgle all the way;
  • It’s gin o’clock;
  • GINfluences;
  • Time for plan GIN.

All of these designs will bring a smile to everyone’s face. You can even think of a personal reference and have it custom-made. As you know, personalised gifts have a special place in people’s hearts.

Cocktail Kit

cocktail kit


Everyone thought about trying themselves in the bartending business, and if your gin-loving friend is one of them, this is the perfect gift for them. They can make amazing cocktails and be proud of them thanks to you and your gift. The first part of the cocktail kit is the jigger. A measuring cup that you can use on both sides. It usually fits 30ml on one, and 15ml on the other side. It helps in the consistency and precision of cocktail making.

The shaker is another must-have. The cobbler shaker is the classic choice for a home bar. If your friends are experienced you can get them a Boston shaker. This adds a more professional flair and it offers speed and won’t get stuck as much when the drink is prepared. Strainers are there to keep any unwanted garnishes and ingredients out of the cocktail. The Hawthorne strainer is the most common and easy to use. It has a coiled spring along a circular base and fits well in the glass. The fine mesh strainer is good for double straining and removes even the pulp.

The bar spoon also called the mixing spoon, has a long stem with a teaspoon size bowl. It’s designed to sir the cocktail professionally. The muddler is good for smashing fruits and herbs that go into the cocktails. And the channel knife is made for cutting through citrus fruits and other cocktail garnishes. It can make spirals and add a sophisticated spin to the glass.

To Sum Up

Gin lovers are overall happy people who love to have fun and be surrounded by positive people. Giving them gifts like these will only make your connection to them stronger and they’ll know that you’ve put some thought into it.