Saturday , May 18 2024

Honest Opinions About Buying MMA Gloves

When buying your first MMA gloves, whether it’s for competition or training, many salespeople will try to trick you into buying the most expensive pair and claim that’s the best one. And while that may be completely true in some cases, do you really need the best MMA gloves, especially if you’re a beginner? The truth is, no – if you can afford them, sure, go for them, but if you’re not even sure whether you’ll stick around MMA long enough to make the most out of the money you’ve put into them – then get a cheaper pair.

There will be people telling you that more expensive gloves last longer than cheap ones, and while that’s generally the case, it’s not an absolute truth. There might be a dozen different brands ranging from $20 to $200 but they come from the exact same factory. So what if your cheap gloves fall apart? Just get another pair – you can get affordable MMA bag gloves online rather easy and fast. In other words, more expensive isn’t necessarily better.MMA Gloves

Then there are people with the stupid saying “always go for quality”. What does even indicate quality? It’s pretty much all about comfort and feel. It helps if you can also afford them too. Some people will guilt you for not spending a lot of money for training gloves, and flaunt their “top-brand” gloves from Thailand or whatever. Buy what you’re comfortable buying. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take anyone’s advice. An experienced MMA fighter can give you solid advice, but don’t disregard your gut feeling as well.

If you’re serious about competing, then you probably want your MMA bag gloves to be as similar as possible to the gloves you use in competitions. This will ensure you get used to them as much as possible. Sometimes, tournament organizers provide the gloves for their competitions themselves, but if you’re participating in a small competition, then you’re probably fighting with your own gloves. If that’s the case, the gloves you get shouldn’t fit too snuggly on your bare hands, as you should always wear hand wraps under.

And the last honest truth is that buying gloves in person is better than shopping online. As convenient and easy online shopping may be, you really need to try the gloves before you decide you want them. Many online stores give no-questions-asked refunds within the first few days of delivering the gloves to you, so if you want to shop online – find such store. However, many people who have already owned a pair of particular gloves will be more confident ordering the same pair online.