Sunday , May 29 2022

Change Your Habits: Use Eco Reusable Shopping Bags

Modern day life has become so dependent on plastic, we basically have it all around the household without even knowing; from construction material and plumbing pipes, to furniture, food packaging, clothing, eyewear and electronics, all containing plastic.

Some of the common plastics that make it to the items we’re surrounded by on a daily basis are PET, HDPE, PVC, PP, and PS among others, all of which pose risks to your health and the environment.

Being eco-aware isn’t only about recognising the dangers but also implementing habits that are for the better of your well-being and nature, and it all starts with small changes. It might be difficult to get rid of plastic altogether all at once, but it only takes changing a single step at a time to improve your lifestyle.

For example, why not start with shopping? No matter how many items you buy, you end up getting the disposable plastic bags which take years (if not centuries) to decompose, breaking into small particles full of toxins, reaching the fertile soil and animals. Instead of disposing, you can make the change of habit and bring along eco reusable shopping bags with you whenever doing the purchase.

grocery shopping bags

There are various eco-friendly options to pick from, and not only are they functional but they are equally stylish too and would serve you for more than just shopping and trips to the supermarket; going to the gym, the park, or travelling the world, these bags can be your ideal companions.

Durability, strength, variety of materials (e.g. 100% cotton, jute, BPA-free plastic) are some of the properties that make eco reusable shopping bags a great alternative. Also, there is a wide range of styles, so you’re likely to find those with other useful features such as extra compartments for more storage.

Another reason is money. While some stores and supermarkets offer free plastic bags, the majority charges for them, and when you add that to your monthly budget, you see it actually makes a difference. Why spend money on something disposable and hazardous when you can use and reuse as much as you want? Your wallet would thank you for it!

Some more aspects to think of to help you make the shift towards reusable are the fact the costs are high when it comes to producing plastic bags, and though they can be recycled, the costs are too high so not many facilities recycle them. Join the plastic bag bans, be more prudent with your consumption habits.

The environment would be thankful!