Monday , May 20 2024

A Non-partial Guide to Partial Dentures

Except for being frustrating and in some situations embarrassing, missing teeth can cause a lot more problems than that. Eating difficulties and speech issues are some of them, especially when there are multiple missing teeth in the same mouth section. Luckily, this can be easily solved with the help of partial dentures.

Partial dentures are an excellent, yet more affordable alternative compared to implants and dental bridges. They are a great solution that can improve your smile within days. An important thing to point out is that this promising solution should be performed in a professional dental denture clinic by an experienced dentist. Then and only then one can be sure that the performed procedure will be successful and the used partial dentures will be of high-quality material. Metal, plastic and acrylic are the types of partial dentures available these days. If performed right, they should be anchored to your teeth with the help of metal clasps in order to fill in the gap/s.

Generally speaking, partial dentures can be removed, however, in some rare cases, these teeth solutions must be affixed to the gums. When looking back, denture clinic teeth solutions have come a long way in terms of quality and appearance as well. Today, dentists can design partial denture/s that can perfectly match one’s teeth colour, size and shape. Although some of you think that eating with teeth like this can be troublesome, professionals say that if properly fitted, there should be no problem at all. After the procedure, the patient is advised to eat softer foods that are cut in smaller pieces. This is just a temporary period until the patient gets used to the new teeth.


After the procedure, the patient might feel some discomfort, but this is simply because he/she has been used to having a gap in between teeth and now it’s filled in. According to dentists, this is a completely normal feeling that will pass within a couple of days. They also recommend wearing the dentures without removing until the patient gets used to it. Once done, he/she can remove them before going to bed.

Since cleaning is a crucial part, one must follow the dentist’s instructions. Usually, dentures should be brushed regularly in order to remove food residue and to prevent permanent stains.

Tip: There is a special brush for cleaning partial dentures, so before making any purchase, the patient should consult with his/her dentist.