Tuesday , October 27 2020

Home Decor

Emphasise Your Interior With Clocks

When we first decide we want to inject some changed in our homes, we envision it has to be something on a large scale so we’d get the desired impact.

The Case for Laminate: Flooring That Works Great with Different Home Styles

As a key element of a well-designed and functional home, the flooring should provide a durable yet comfortable walking surface, all while enhancing the beauty of the interior design. With

Infuse Warmth to Your Minimalistic and Contemporary Interior

When given the opportunity to design a space from scratch, I’m a huge lover of the “less is more” concept. And while there are many homes cluttered with so many

Add Curb Appeal with a Mailbox That Delivers Style and Functionality

Even though we have shifted to mail and Facebook as our primary means of written communication, the traditional door-to-door mail is far from dead. Every morning I get that rush

A Lawyer’s Take on What Difference a Massage Chair Can Make

Being a lawyer is quite stressful. The filed of law itself is always under constructions, meaning lots of rules are changing and the clients are usually stressed themselves, not to

An Expert Opinion on Why Timber Flooring is the Ideal Flooring Solution

A lot of homeowners are turning to timber floors as a solution to their flooring problems. Some do it because of their looks, while others do it for the functionality

How to Make Your Home the Place You Never Want to Leave

What’s the point of having a home you don’t enjoy being around at? It’s the place that’s supposed to be your safe haven, a refuge if you will, away from

How to Say Oui to Authentic French Design, Mon Chéri

For most people France is the heart of elegance, romance, fashion and simply everything beautiful. French people don’t like to complicate their lives, so sticking to simplicity but at the

Picking a Letterbox That Delivers Convenience & Style

Although sending letters is not a very common form of communication these days, letterboxes are still a vital part of every home. While they still have their practical purpose of

Turn Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary with a Spa Pool

The change of lifestyles that’s happened in the last few decades was inevitable, mainly due to the influence of technological advancements. If one had to do all the work manually,

Implement the Everlasting Beauty of Rustic Furniture and Stay in Touch with Nature

Living in today’s world means being largely dependent on technology; try as we might, we just can’t imagine what life would be like if not for the simplifications than technological

Sofa Table: Versatile Piece of Furniture to Extend Storage and Décor in Your Home

Have you ever considered how ingenious furniture is? I actually think about it occasionally, just feeling grateful for all the beautiful designs I come across. One piece of wood, or