Tuesday , April 23 2019

Our Opinion on the Most Popular Motorcycle Accessories

Most motorcycles are great to ride straight off the factory, but you can make them even better by adding a little personal touch to them in the form of accessories. Some accessories make the rides more convenient, while others make your bike better suited for your riding needs. A lot of people look for performance upgrades in the form of aftermarket exhaust systems and whatnot, but accessories are arguably the best way to upgrade your motorcycle.

So what kind of accessories are out there that can improve your riding experience? Well, a lot. Over the past few years, the amount of electronic motorcycle accessories has exploded with gadgets like GPS’s, stereos, motorcycle speedometer, communications, etc. Then there are accessories that don’t even rely on the latest technologies, but can still improve your riding experience. A prime example for that would be a simple cup holder.

Motorcycle Speedometer

For instance, if you want a more accurate speedometer, then a GPS motorcycle speedometer might be something worth considering. The accuracy of traditional speedometers is impacted by various factors, such as: temperature changes, tyre pressure, tread wear, and the type of tyres used. On the flip side, GPS speedometers aren’t impacted by wheel size, and they’re accurate within 0.2 km/h, as long as they have access to a GPS satellite. The drivers may lose access to a satellite when passing through areas that prevent the antenna from connecting to the satellite, like tunnels.

Other accessories, like lighting, can be added just for cosmetic appeal or practical applications. Light bars and driving lights are oftentimes added to broaden the light horizontally beyond the reach of the stock headlight. Driving lights are usually LED, and they’re attached with clamps onto the crashbars or handlebars. Cosmetic accessory lights can be placed virtually anywhere on the bike, and their main purpose is to accentuate specific areas of the bike, like the rims, engine or any customised part of your choice.

Communicators are also a commonly sought after accessory, as many riders prefer riding with another person. Before these special communication systems became available, people used to yell to get the point across. Communicators let people talk with one another clearly, without confusion and without unnecessary interference. Most communicators can also be used for bike-to-bike communication, thus reducing the need to stop and talk with the other riders about which way you want to go, for instance.

There are many more accessories that can make a riding experience more pleasant and convenient, so it’s really up to you to decide which ones you deem necessary depending on your riding style and preference.