Thursday , August 22 2019

Furniture Pieces That Go Together with Owning a Pool like Socks & Shoes

Warm summer days are all about spending some time outdoors, relaxing and splashing in the pool. But the whole backyard pool picture cannot be complete without the right type of furniture. In light of that, it is of paramount importance that you choose pieces that can give you the needed comfort.

Chaise Lounge Chairs

Leisure, peace of mind and tan lines, this is what makes chaise lounge chairs the most popular option in homeware online and offline stores. Unlike the limited choice of the old bulky and heavy types of outdoor chairs, these days the choice of handy chaise lounge chairs homeware online and brick and mortar stores offer is huge. The main reason for their ease of movement is the type of frame – aluminium which is the lightest and sturdiest versions of all metal types used for outdoor areas. Whether you choose the simple all weather mesh lounge chair or you opt for rattan or wicker, the one thing they all have in common is that can be used on both sunny and shady spots. To improve the overall comfort, you can always add cushions which are designed specifically for outdoor use. The most important features to look for in these chairs are the adjustable reclining option as well as a headrest for maximum comfort.

Tip: If planning to add extra cushions, make sure you choose a colour that matches the surrounding area. Also, go for waterproof and water-resistant material as such cushions are easy to clean, spot and odour-free.

Chaise Lounge Chairs


There is nothing more relaxing than spending some time outdoors, resting in a hammock. Luckily, you don’t need to have trees in your backyard in order to place one. Nowadays you can opt for a ready-made hammock with a base. Easy to move around, you can place a hammock like this anywhere you want, even on your balcony (if your space allows it of course). You can choose from the older types of hammocks made of rope or from the newer designs made out of water-resistant fabric.


Adirondack Chairs

The comfortable design of the Adirondack chairs can fit perfectly in any type of backyard. These types of chairs are the perfect pool addition for those of you who want to sit comfortably in a chair that has wide seat and high back. Available in a range of colours and materials with plastic and wood are the most popular, these types of chairs are perfect for those of you who want to sit comfortably in a chair while enjoying the nice summer breeze.

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