Sunday , May 19 2019

A Lawyer’s Take on What Difference a Massage Chair Can Make

Massage Chairs Australia

Being a lawyer is quite stressful. The filed of law itself is always under constructions, meaning lots of rules are changing and the clients are usually stressed themselves, not to mention the overcrowded justice departments, the tight deadlines and the lack of sleep… All of this inevitably takes its tool on a person entangled in the world of law. I’ve tried improving my diet and exercise and all, but some days, it just felt like an additional burden. I needed something to get me from stressed to relaxed – and fast. So just like in a movie, when the solution appears out of nowhere in the last minute, I discovered the healing powers of massage chairs, and I am happy to report great difference in how I feel.

Everything started when I was at the mall buying a present for my wife for our anniversary and a massage chairs Australia company was demonstrating their products at the place. The massage chairs Australia company was demonstrating a range of chairs, all with impressive design. A company representative offered me to try one out, and it was love at first sit!

It’s the Masseuse Remedical Deluxe Plus Massage Chair with 4D technology that deliveries a first class massage experience with multi-dimensional massaging feel. My experience with the Remedical Deluxe massage chair is almost surreal! The chair is extremely comfortable and what impressed me was the variety of technology inside of it. It’s equipped with 3D surround sound speakers that can play music from a mobile device via Bluetooth. The 4D Technology blends 2D and 3D massage techniques to provide one of kind massage experience.

The Masseuse Remedical Deluxe Plus Massage Chair includes 74 airbags that work in synchronization with the 4D massage rollers. It also features the most advanced and extensive sensing technology available in a massage chair; technology which measures the complete range of spinal pressure points to determine the height, breath, and weight of the user and adjust the focus of the massage rollers to ensure an intensity that is appropriate as well as a personalized massage experience.

The chair also comes with a carbon fiber heating in the backrest and footrest that radiates heat of 40˚C to 50˚C to relieve tightness from cold and pain. The infrared wavelengths are fit for the human body wavelengths, allowing better absorption of heat and they also boost the metabolism.

My first experience with the massage chair was incredible and afterwards I felt like a different person. So instead of buying a present just for my wife, I bought a present for both of us – she loves the massage chair too.

With just a 20-minute session in the massage chair, I feel my body more relaxed and the chaos of daily life instantly melts away with every kneading motion, ever tap and every move of the massage rollers. Simply put, the time I spend in my massage chair, for me, is a treat as sublime as can be!